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    Wanted WTB 1.8T tubular manifold, turbo and Silicone TIP

    Right, well out the loop as I haven't owned a K04 car for nearly 12 years. I'm sticking a BAM in my Mk2 Golf and I'm after some parts. The engine I have sourced has a cracked standard turbo, so I figure why replace when you can upgrade. Looking for the following... - Tubular exhaust manifold...
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    biggest wheels on an s3?

    S3 on Bentleys looks amazing, whoever thought of that must be a genius! :p The Bentleys were 19x9 with 215 35 19 tyres. Didnt drive the smoothest on them, but looked good (in my opinion) Have driven an S3 on 20's and it sucked. Plus most affordable 20's are likely to be cast, combined with the...
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    Off to the dyno....

    Its quite quick I suppose! Haha Delivery of power is really smooth and progressive, it pulls really well, considering the car is quite standard looking it will certainly be catching a few people off guard. Ben has done an amazing job with the install and it looks really factory considering the...
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    Post pics of your A3/S3

    Cheers Kev. As was yours, your paint is flawless, really makes me want a respray! Raised the back up by 4mm the day after the show to cure the reverse rake so it sits better now I think and doesnt rub on the rear. New wheels should be on Saturday!
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    Jetex, BMC, What other filters with Badger 5 TIP in Black & Red?

    Thanks both of you, that gives me some food for thought. Alex
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    Jetex, BMC, What other filters with Badger 5 TIP in Black & Red?

    Thanks Tufty I was always led to believe that K&N's clogged MAFs because of the way they were oiled? Thanks Alex
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    Post pics of your A3/S3

    Liking those Works Meisters :icon_thumright: After raising the car and running it through winter it was time to get it back to summer mode. Had it sitting pretty good on the Range Rover wheels last year but was room for improvement. So over winter refurbed these Bentley Monoblocks and tried...
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    Jetex, BMC, What other filters with Badger 5 TIP in Black & Red?

    Hi I used the search but can only find Jetex or BMC filters fitted Ihave a Badger 5 TIP fitted and I fitted an OEM s2000 paper filter thanks to some research by a friend. It fitted well and the 'tail' on the end allows it to be slotted into the wing bracket for the stock box. As can be seen...
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    Retro fitting heated seat elements to aftermarket seats, best method

    Hi I have got some aftermarket Recaro seats for my 8l S3 and the centres are being redone in leather to match the rest of my interior. While its being done I want to have the seats converted to being heated as I have grown a fondness to burning my butt. The car already has heated standard...
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    fuel pump or filter??

    ^^^ Thanks, cheers for the very fast response
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    fuel pump or filter??

    Where sells the best priced pumps, would really want a Bosch or Pierburg. Euro's seem to be about £176 for Pierburg.
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    XS Power Downpipes & Manifolds

    Just thought I would chip in and say a massive thanks to Ben at servicing, Parsons Performance LTD Home the silver S3 is mine and I am over the moon with it, its now a really tight, smooth and QUICK car. Driven the 26 miles home and had a blast, couldnt push too hard as Ben said, rings are...
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    Yellow & Black S3's running at VW Action yesterday, anyone here?

    Was at VW Action over the weekend and saw a Yellow S3 with black Rota wheels run in the 13's and a Black S3 with what looked like Rotiform wheels run times into the 12's. Wanted to know a little about more about both cars, anyone's on here or anyone know the cars and have links to a build...
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    how to replace turbo

    Both water lines and return. obv the feed line from above lol, I undo the mani bolts and sneak the turbo towards the bulkhead to reveal the banjo.The reason i do it this way is that i had the bottom turbo support bolt snap on me once, so i had to remove the transfer box to remove the support...
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    Hit a deer anyone got any front end parts?

    No Airbags but the airbag light stays on for a few seconds longer than before, so I hope it doesnt just go off in my face! And no pics of the deer I'm afraid
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    Hit a deer anyone got any front end parts?

    I,m afraid this could be a massive anti climax but here is the damage, its all the cracked parts and broken tabs that mean I have so many pieces to replace...
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    Hit a deer anyone got any front end parts?

    Thanks for the response It was a wild deer and the farmer was a random guy driving down the road. To be honest after snapping its necks, he was welcome to it as I couldnt have done that! I think he left in a ditch by the roadside though. @Wibble - Thanks for the offer of the Foglight, but I...
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    Hit a deer anyone got any front end parts?

    When I spoke to the insurer I said that it was purely an enquiry and they confirmed that no records had been entered onto the system regarding my enquiries, but with my frequent dealings with Insurers and Brokers I know that a verbal confirmation doesnt really mean much and they do things...
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    Hit a deer anyone got any front end parts?

    I will get pics up when I get home from work you sicko's! I have contacted the insurance company and they would want my £350 excess plus I would lose 3 years NCB as its registered as a fault claim. Problem is I'm currently in the process of a non fault claim as I was rear ended on the bank...