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  1. Legend7

    Ipod Connection Help

    I have a new ipod which has the lightning connector. My car is a 12 plate with the old 30 pin connector factory default in the glovebox. Can i simply use a Apple connector and get my ipod to work ? or do I need to get some other cable from Audi...
  2. Legend7

    Audi SD Card alternatives

    As some of you know recently my RNS-e got stolen.. Unfortunatly looks like whoever did got away with it I am looking at alternatives to the RNS-e and need some suggestions. Is there anything out there which allows you to connect a SD card into the standard fit audi concert unit. My car has a...
  3. Legend7

    RSN Serial number

    is there a way to get the RNS-e Serial number from VAG-COM ? for the last plugged in RNS
  4. Legend7

    RNS Unit stolen

    My Black edition got broken into yesterday at Morison’s car park in Bradford. Police saying the cameras in the car park didn’t cover the area where my car was parked. However there was a witness who has come forward. Apparently 2 others VWs got broken into same time at the car park and their...
  5. Legend7

    A3 Sales

    Been struggling to sell my A3 for the past 3 months. Only had 3 calls. My car is in great condition and well looked after and the price I have on is reasonable also. I sold my last A3 within like a week Has the sales of Audi's dropped since the emissions problem or is it generally a drop in...
  6. Legend7

    S-TRONIC question

    Are the RPMs generally high in cars with S-Tronic and gear changes are bit late when just generally cruising around? When am doing around 70 on the motorway the RPM is over 2000 and gears seem to change when the needle hits arond 2 when I am just cruising around town
  7. Legend7

    Replacing glovebox

    Hi My glovebox is broken so I would to do a simple swap However my glovebox has an IPOD connection and the glovebox I am swapping with is plain and simple. Can i swap my glovebox with a normal one and how to I put my ipod connection into it?
  8. Legend7

    RNS-E Quick Question

    I just purchased a new Audi A3 and want to move my RNS-E unit to the new car. Will I need a code or something to get it to work in the new car? I know I had a code when i purchased the unit few years ago but cant rememeber where i put it
  9. Legend7

    Climate control help

    6 months ago I noticed the tempreture on the driver side wasnt working correctly. It was blowing out cold air even when set to 24C. To get it to blow warm air I had to set to very high like 28C or high even then it felt like it was trying to set temp to around 22C. The same thing has now...
  10. Legend7

    Start stop button not working

    The start/stop button has suddenly stopped working Any ideas what it could be ? Or where to look at. No errors in vagcom
  11. Legend7

    Rns-E not closing

    few days ago I changed the SD card and when closing the screen it didn't close properly. It's doesn't fully align back as its used to I tried resetting it and fully disconnecting and plugging back in with no joy I have also tried applying force to close it fully with no luck Any suggestions...
  12. Legend7

    Desperately in need of help

    There is a really bad droning sound coming from the front of my car. Initially I thought it's the tyres so I got them replaced. The sound continued and now I have replaced both wheel bearings however the sound still exists Any ideas what it could be ? Spent quite a bit of money and the...
  13. Legend7

    Climate control

    There seems to be some problem with my climate control the passenger side air vents are giving out warm air whears the drivers side are given out mild/cold air The car is not warming up and getting to the right tempreture inside and you can feel it alot more when its colder any ideas?
  14. Legend7

    A3 Sportback facelift water in boot

    When ever it rains badly for few days I have puddle in the boot around the spare wheel I can't feel any wetness coming from anywhere around the boot. My washer doesn't work however this only happens when it rains so it can't be the washer as I never use it Can you point me to the areas where...
  15. Legend7

    Audi S Line Speakers

    I need to replace my drivers side door speaker (Audi A3 2009) . Anyone know which model it should be had a look on ebay and theres loads of different ones
  16. Legend7

    How To Remove Door Lock Button And Panel

    How do I got about removing the door lock button and panel circled below
  17. Legend7

    Fitting and coding Xenons - South Yorkshire

    Is there anyone who can get bi-xenons to work on my 2009 sportback in the South Yorkshire area? You will only need to sort the cables out and code them as the lights are already fitted thanks
  18. Legend7

    Xenon coding and adjustment

    Can someone help me by telling me how I go about coding the xenon lights? I have managed to get hold of a VAG com. Also do I need to buy Kuftec cables? or can I do without them ? and how do I adjust them so I dont blind people on the road :cool: Am trying to keep the costs down as much as I...
  19. Legend7

    Ballast Part Number for Xenons

    Does anyone know what the part for the ballast is I have xenons with LED 8PO 941 003 thanks
  20. Legend7

    Original bulbs used for xenons

    Does anyone know what bulbs are used by Audi for the xenons or give me links to any good ones which are legal and look similar to original? also does anyone have part number for the ballasts?