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  1. Rich76

    Might be coming back to the fold

    Wife is looking for an a3 so I might be back soon 1.4tfsi has around a 14-16 reg anything to look out for ?
  2. Rich76

    Matte exterior trim

    What’s the best to keep it looking nice ? Comes up nice after a wash but soon starts to look dirty again
  3. Rich76

    This years road trip

    As old users on here know I do at least one annual road trip around Europe , this year it was due to be France (dordgne) then the Salou area of Spain , well this virus thing has other ideas. Both lots of accommodation were booked up late last year before all this came about but the firms we...
  4. Rich76

    Is any one else......

    Finding that are just going out to clean or wax the car just to get rid of boredom couple of quick pics of mine Even had cotton buds out and treated the seals around the door handles and window rubber
  5. Rich76

    Green moss /algae

    Hi, I have green algae type stuff along my window rubbers, I’ve cleaned the car this morning and rubbed the trim with the noodle sponge but can’t get it all off many suggestions of how to remove and then what is best to get it back to looking black ?
  6. Rich76

    Tyre dressing

    So what with looks like a few days off work over Easter where I can’t drive to the south of France as planned and it’s not worth driving to Cornwall as I can’t do any thing I’ll be getting the clean on ! body work I’d fairly sorted, poor boys black hole then either nattys blue or dodo juice...
  7. Rich76

    For Sale A4 s line badge

    Genuine brand new s line badge in dealer bag £10 delivered
  8. Rich76

    Narrow escape

    Travelling home from visiting the family in Shropshire we called to do some some shopping in Corby on the way home travelling along the road between Corby and Stamford we had a very lucky and narrow escape the car in front veered across the white line as we exited a corner and collided with...
  9. Rich76

    For Sale Tunap 184 DPF cleaner

    Professional grade DPF cleaner as used by many main dealers , sold at a very big mark up on price I have a fair few of these as the garage I work at have changed to a different brand £12 each including delivery Discount if you purchase more than one
  10. Rich76

    Purchased this today

    Going to try something new just got the small pot to try it out will hopefully get it in the valeting tent at work over the weekend
  11. Rich76

    European road trip

    well the time has come again for the annual trip around Europe for the family holiday , this year is a bit of an epic one taking in 6 country’s and around 2500 miles in 14 days. Due to changing the car we won’t be in the Audi this year but will be in the 320i m sport I’ve got a cleaning kit...
  12. Rich76

    Garage refusing to repair car

    As you might now I recently got a new car It is now back at the main dealer I purchased it from as it was smoking a bit on start up They are looking towards it been the turbo but they do not want to replace it ! The car car with a 6 month warranty and I’ve not had the car two weeks yet...
  13. Rich76

    For Sale Carista dongle

    Selling my Carista ODB reader as it doesn’t work with the software for the new car All boxed up, can’t remember if they differ but I used this on Bluetooth on an apple phone £10 delivered
  14. Rich76

    Audi’s gone but got my clean on

    have px the A4 against this , just need to scratch an itch . Once the kids leave home I’ll be back in an s5 320i M sport Estoril blue So far I have changed the grills for m3 style matte ones with m sport detailing Removed the rear badges Added an M sport carbon fiber badge Then gave it a...
  15. Rich76

    Any recomendations??

    For a new way to apply my wax?? Think this one is dead!
  16. Rich76

    For Sale My TFSI b8 air inlet blanking plate

    having to return my car to standard so removing all my special parts As such the first of my blanking plates is for sale, this is the one I fitted to my car and designed the others from. This one comes with an S LINE badge attached to it. Selling at the bargain price of £10 including fixing...
  17. Rich76

    Not an Audi - Ciitroen DS3 Detail

    The wife’s new car , looking at the state of the clay and the clothes I don’t think it has ever had much love. So far orther than cleaning it has had Autoglym super resin Poorboys black hole Poor boys natty blue wax Don’t think it’s come up to bad But what’s good for the white parts...
  18. Rich76

    Any one know about employment or payroll law

    recently left a job and was due my final wage today, an amount has been paid in to my account but it is much lower than expected and much lower than the company have declared they are paying on HMRC I have asked for an explaination but doubt I’ll get one , haven’t had a pay slip ( only had 2...
  19. Rich76

    Chrome exhaust tips

    well I was under the car today and decided to see if the tips really did come off with a little tap of the hammer ! As you can see they did So now to clean them, started with a soak in a degreaser and water mix for around an hour. This got a lot of the residue off, then using a soft scourer...
  20. Rich76

    Best engine bay dresser

    have got the Audi and fiesta looking good on the outside but not really touched under the bonnet yet on either I’m ok with the plastics under the bonnet but what do people use on the pipe work