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  1. BigT

    3 door A3 and baby seat

    Congrats! There will be nothing I can say to prepare you for the journey but honestly as soon as they arrive all that nervous feeling & thoughts about how? what? If? soon disappear! I've got a 3dr A3 and a 2 year old daughter, depending on how fast and big they grow we kept her on the front...
  2. BigT

    Recommended car body sprayers in Stockport/Manchester area

    As the title suggests, any recommended car body sprayers in Stockport/Manchester area? I need a full rear bumper spray. I'd do it myself but for the size of the area with a can I'd just want to punch myself in the face with the **** job I know I'd do lol Cheers, T.
  3. BigT

    General opinion on 1.8T FSI Black Edition manual?

    I loves mine, had it for nearly a year and so so happy with it, money well spent I'd say.... and the lower insurance is a bonus. :)
  4. BigT

    Moving away soon but still about at odd times!!!!!!!

    Hey Sarah, I've not been on here that long but did see that you were welcoming to all us Audi noobs so I'd like to thank you for that and wish you good luck down under..... I'm not jealous, not one little bit. :beee::laugh: T.
  5. BigT

    What will 13k get me really

    I got mine from a small trader in June: '07 A3 3dr 1.8T FSi [160] SE, 22K on the clock for £10k albiet it's pretty slim on the trinkets but did come with 18" RS6 alloys
  6. BigT

    Something to put you off that "trip to the Nordschleife"

    /forehead slap man, watching that first one just makes you go "ouch!" I reckon he was going to hit that wall even if he had tried to power out of that, it would probably have hit the rear then... EDIT: scratch that, he would never have corrected it due to his speed.
  7. BigT

    Common things to be stolen off an A3?

    Yeah, its a ***** state of affairs, eh? I can understand why the caps, badges etc...[certainly not agree with it mind] but wiper blades? haha!! maybe the credit munch is that bad? @beanoir: to a point yeah, I do think people get duped without realising it but I suppose there are other avenues...
  8. BigT

    Common things to be stolen off an A3?

    Just thought I'd start a discussion as per the title.... What are common things to be stolen off A3's? I've just gone out to mine to find the front windscreen blades have been stolen?? proper pain in the ***, especially with how bad the weathers just turned, off to Halfords I go... now...
  9. BigT

    Lowered but getting rubbing....

    K, that shall be the first thing I do and try it this weekend, thanks for the tip Scottie and fingers crossed it helps.
  10. BigT

    Lowered but getting rubbing....

    yeah, it probably isn't as bad as it sounds, its certainly not a continuous rub just on deeper dips and with some heavier weight in the back - 40/50kg+ I'm reckoning. Screw? oh aye, whats this then?
  11. BigT

    Lowered but getting rubbing....

    haha yeah, I could stick my foot between the wheel and the arch. What was the difference between the SE and Sport for my year of A3? I can see the difference in the spec of new models on the current Audi website but not necessarily looks-wise.... hmm, how would you know which...
  12. BigT

    Lowered but getting rubbing....

    Haven't got any spacers yet but looking at probably between 5-10mm if I go down that route [dependant on advice I guess] shocks have done 22k, factory standard - it was sold as uprated sports suspension but I think thats bullsh*t, unless it did come on the SE? [but I ain't holding my breath...]
  13. BigT

    Lowered but getting rubbing....

    Hey guys, just looking for a little advice. I've had my A3 put on 45mm H&R springs & geo realigned from the guys at Awesome GTI and it looks so much more meaner and is now well planted :eyebrows: [they were my only option for springs as there ain't much choice for my engine & year of A3]...
  14. BigT

    Decided to have a bash at refurbing my S3 wheels....

    haha!! communal S3 wheel doing the rounds, noice. Looks like a good job and as said, it must be pretty satisfying to see good results. I've been looking into doing this, what did you use as filler?
  15. BigT

    Electric Window Motor Fitting

    Hey, I found this thread about removing door cards and saw the white motors near the electric point on the door and thought that it would be good to have folding mirrors... assuming this is the motor that does that! lol! has anyone fitted Electric Window Motors? If so, is it a difficult...
  16. BigT

    ***STOLEN*** A3 2.0T Sportback DSG (SPORT) ***STOLEN*** (My Story)

    Hmmm.... I'm living in Stockport so this ain't the best news... there are quite a few A3's around here and I live on a pretty crowded cul-de-sac it's a nightmare for parking at the best of times plus with terraced houses easy to hear everything that goes on. Gutted for you, hope it comes back in...
  17. BigT

    Audi Virgin.....

    Yeah, the tyres bug me too, it was like that when I bought it
  18. BigT

    Audi Virgin.....

    What I meant though was I'm not trying to make it something it's not... hmm..... is there any pics of these rear LED's on an SE anywhere?
  19. BigT

    Audi Virgin.....

    but its not a mk3 A3 though?
  20. BigT

    Audi Virgin.....

    really? you think so? hmm.... I think they blend in much better than the red clusters, dunno, suppose we have different tastes then, eh?