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    Sources for A-6 parts?

    If she wasn't so easy on the eyes and good in the sack that might have already happened. Rev-head - thanks for the link giving it a try.
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    Sources for A-6 parts?

    My wife decided to take an off road excursion with our A-6 the other day. (she is being enrolled in agressive driving school, this was the last draw) The belly pan and front bumper took a beating and I need to replace them. Any suggestions on where to source a vendor for these parts? Its...
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    new a6 owner close to tears!!

    I dont know if this helps but it seems from my experiance with my A-6 that a LOT of electronic systemsn in the A-6 are inter-related. Our Power seat shorted out, disabling the power windows and the interior lights, as well as making the dash go haywire. A simple malfunction in these cars seems...
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    Advice on buying an A6 please

    When our A-6 Quattro was in for service we were given a A-6 FWD. I had read complaints about the handling of the A-6 being poor. I couldn't understand why people felt that way until I was no longer in my Quattro. Then I understood. Having in my garage a Mini Cooper Works and a fully race...
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    2000 A6 2.7T exhaust

    Here is one site that sells upgrades for the A-6. I have considered chipping mine and doing the exhaust. I would not worry about it sounding like a Honda. Your turbos will muffle the tone. My turbo RX-7 with a full 3" exhaust is so much quieter than a...
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    A-6 2.7T running temp???

    Summer is in full swing in Florida. We are now seeing temps in the high 90's. (the weather channel lies) My wife has noticed that the running temp of our 2001 A-6 is higher than we are used to. It reads 4/6ths on the guage. Which is 1 line past the 1/2 way mark. I am not sure if this is...