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  1. RoyC

    Audi a6 avant

    Any brand as long as it is spec VW507
  2. RoyC

    bought an audi a6 car

    Battery Coding Assistant For cars that require a replacement battery to be coded in the 61-Battery Regulation module use this function. Note that the 10 digit serial number may be preceded by the battery vendor code, for instance VAO for Varta. If the code is VAO25402160104 then drop the VAO...
  3. RoyC

    CVT Gearbox service - 2010 facelift C6

    It states in the service book to get the multitronic serviced every 38k miles. got mine done at 32k miles. I will get it done again at 64k miles.
  4. RoyC

    Best way to jack it

    I always use two trolley jacks, one either side.
  5. RoyC

    DPF or not?

    I have decoded my list and there is no mention of a DPF. I think its because a DPF on mine is compulsory. My option list is as follows. 7MG = Emission standard EU5 E4J = "S-line" 1KW = Disc brakes, rear 3FA = Without roof insert (standard roof) F0A = No special purpose vehicle, standard...
  6. RoyC

    DPF or not?

    If its a 2009 it has got DPF. My 2009 avant has DPF. Put your option codes in here and it will decode them for you.
  7. RoyC

    Does the A6 Avant C6 shape have a sunroof?

    My 2009 avant doesn't have one. It was an optional extra.
  8. RoyC

    A6 le Mans 2.7 tdi quattro road noise.

    I a I am running Michelin pilot sport 3, I find them very quiet.
  9. RoyC

    A6 le Mans 2.7 tdi quattro road noise.

    When looking for tyres, check the dB rating for road noise.
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    His real name is Robin.
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  12. RoyC

    Audi warranty

    I think that the corrosion warranty only applies to rust coming from the inside and doesn't cover rust from stone chips. It is up to you to treat stone chips as they happen.
  13. RoyC

    V10 S6 - Quad tail pipes or Oval??

    Still Quad round ones
  14. RoyC

    V10 S6 - Quad tail pipes or Oval??

    Quad round ones.
  15. RoyC

    Is there any point in putting an after-market air filter into my A6 2.0 TDI?

    Stick with the OEM filter. Audi have invested a lot of money into getting the best air flow, I can't see the sense in putting a smaller after-market filter that draws in hot, less dense air from the engine bay.
  16. RoyC

    Brake discs and pad replacement how to

    I just watched the video and wrote down the procedures to follow, I found it straight forward doing this.
  17. RoyC

    Brake discs and pad replacement how to

    Rear brakes - Front brakes -
  18. RoyC

    My A6 Has A Couple of Issues...

    This may help with your noisy steering wheel. -
  19. RoyC

    Bumper Part needed? Whats it called??
  20. RoyC

    Part number advice

    Look here -