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  1. Mowbray89

    Rear wiper arm options

    Couldn't have said it better myself on both fronts. Really appreciate the info!
  2. Mowbray89

    Rear wiper arm options

    Sorry to revive an older thread but thanks for the part numbers and details dandav1985. Just carried this out today as I was having issues with my OEM rear wiper sitting flat and it couldn't have been easier. Was a perfect direct swap with no modification and it's a great improvement over the...
  3. Mowbray89

    Blind Spot in Wing Mirrors

    Anyone know if you can get dual contour wing mirror glass for the A3? Had a '14 plate A4 with them on for a courtesy car the other week and they were much better! Looking to cure the massive blind spot the A3's mirrors. For mirrors as big as they are I'm amazed by how bad they are for vision...
  4. Mowbray89

    RNSE Post Bose Wire Removal VCDS Coding

    That is the coding I had previously when the Bose wire was in the unit and I wanted it to control the sound EQ levels. I've removed the Bose wire to get better sound but I want to be able to get the mid range adjustment setting back in the sound menu that a standard coded RNS-E has but can't...
  5. Mowbray89

    RNSE Post Bose Wire Removal VCDS Coding

    Bump. Anyone? Still stuck on this. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Mowbray89

    RNSE Post Bose Wire Removal VCDS Coding

    So I've removed the Bose wire last month on my RNSE unit and the difference is great. Today I've finally got round to recoding my RNSE so no error was shown in VCDS but I can't work out how to get the mid range adjustment setting to show again in the sound menu on the unit. So far I've...
  7. Mowbray89

    Holy Grail? :) Front Splitter Company - genuine interest only please

    +1 Very interested in this! Will follow the progress for sure.
  8. Mowbray89

    Help on bose sound system

    Pretty sure this is the same for mine too with the RNS-e. Removed the Bose wire on mine the other day, changed the audio settings for the radio but had to adjust separately for the AMI to get it right for my iPhone required levels. @kaisah16, picked an adapter up from the pound shop the other...
  9. Mowbray89

    Bose wire delete

    Thanks for the heads up on this! I've just been out and tried this on my car and the sound is definitely different! What would you recommend as the best levels to use on the bass & treble? Not sure if it will just take time to get used to the difference but I'm struggling to get the levels just...
  10. Mowbray89

    Uh oh....

    Had something very similar a few months ago. Glow plug light flashing, limp mode, bad start etc. Turned out EGR valve had gone. Showed up on a scan straight away. Luckily got mine sorted via Audi warranty. Hope you get it sorted.
  11. Mowbray89


    Does anyone else get issues with RNSE not displaying caller names, sometimes only displaying numbers when using Tune2Air with the latest iPhone software? Also anyone find the Bluetooth taking a while to connect on some occasions? Like a good few minutes whereas others times instantaneous...