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    How much would new shape a3 be on motability ?

    On the latest Motability price list (1st July) you can only get the A1 and Q2 on motability. You will probably have to wait till next quarter (1st October) for the new A3 to appear on the Motability price list.
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    Auto wipers

    With auto wipers you don’t have a intermittent setting. You move the wiper control to the first position to put the wipers in auto mode, when I had my A3 I left the wiper control in this position permanently. The ‘intermittent selector’ is for the sensitivity level of the rain sensor, i.e. the...
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    Facelift Issue with drl

    Is it the lower strip on both drl’s or just one side. What model A3 do you have? In a previous post of yours you are asking about interior leds as your 2017 model does not have them. I would suspect you have either a SE or Sport model and these have Xenon headlights and do not have lower drl...
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    Rear Bumper S3 Saloon

    There’s loads of A3 S-Line saloon rear bumpers on Ebay for the pre facelift. The only difference between the S3 and S-Line is the diffuser. Also I’m certain there’s no difference between pre and facelift rear bumpers.
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    Handing car back - what a faff!

    I VT’d mine around the 17th Sept last year and the earliest collection date I got from BCA was the 9th October. So had both the new car and old car for nearly 3 weeks and had to have both insured for that time as well. The actual collection of the car on the day went smoothly and took about 40mins.
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    ??wheel platforms??

    Try looking at caravan/motorhome levelling ramps.
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    2017 8v sline headlamp washers

    Facelift S-Line trim didn’t come with headlight washers as standard but had blanking covers in the bumper. Also the facelift came with auto wipers, so does not have a variable intermittent wipe function, the switch on the wiper stalk controls the sensitivity of the amount of rain on the...
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    Are modern cars too clever?

    My other car, its an experience every time I drive it, no power steering but it does have ABS. It also fits into parking bays with room each side .
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    Next model A3

    I was thinking of waiting for the 2 series Gran Coupe, but after seeing those photos I’m glad I went for the new 3 series now. That back end just doesn’t look right.
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    Facelift Time to say goodbye.

    At the moment it feels quick (BMW quote 0-62mph in 7.1s), compared to my A3 diesel (150). It’s helped by the 8 speed auto and it seems pretty good on fuel as well for a large petrol saloon.
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    Facelift Time to say goodbye.

    Have picked up the A3’s replacement last Saturday, sorry the pictures are not the best.
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    SIM card usage

    I would be going for 3’s 24months 24GB prepaid sim at £60. Using this for when the kids are using the hotspot and the ejecting the sim when not using the hotspot.
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    SIM card usage

    What services are you using when your driving? As I said in my last post the Audi connect services use very little data day to day. If you’re going on the data used on the MMI then that’s showing the data used by the MMI and if none of the Audi connect services have been used would be zero if...
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    SIM card usage

    The Audi Connect (which you’ve been given 12 months free) is a subscription service for the supply of services from Audi (Google earth, weather, news etc.). These are supplied via a mobile network, the e-sim embedded in the MMI is free to use and is valid until something like year 2115 and the...
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    SIM card usage

    I’m just going on what is written in the car’s handbook and personal experience with my car.
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    SIM card usage

    When you add the data only sim, the embedded sim is over ridden and all data for all the services you use will be from your EE sim and not just when people are connected to it.
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    Facelift Time to say goodbye.

    Never really noticed the door handles before, but the only reservation I have on the styling is the grille, one minute I think it looks good then the next time I see it I think it’s way to big. I do agree on your second point but that’s just the class of car it is, but it is getting great...
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    Facelift Time to say goodbye.

    The dash and tech are great, the dash though is not as customisable as the Audi virtual dash. The rev counter also goes counter clockwise which looks a bit odd. I’ve had the Orion just over a year now and not done a 1000 miles in it yet. It’s in good condition but would benefit from a bit of...
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    Facelift Time to say goodbye.

    I’ve gone for Alpine white for the new car, I like my white cars. The plus pack gives the black front grill, black exhaust tips, 19” alloys, adaptive suspension, privacy glass and the bigger brakes with blue callipers. That’s my Orion, just turned 30 years old on a G plate.
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    Facelift Time to say goodbye.

    After 3 years with my A3 S-line saloon, the longest I’ve been in the same car, I’ve decided to head over to the dark side after being 11 years away from BMW. Managed to get a good discount on a new BMW 320i M sport (with M sport plus pack), it’s a car coming into stock so should get it in the...