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  1. Bong Water

    Modern warfare 2

    Anyone having a problem with stuttering on the PC version? Only seems to do it on single player, multi player is fine Its spoiling it a bit and its not performance related as it runs fine through hectic bits and then all of a sudden stutters when nothings going on
  2. Bong Water

    Differences please?

    Confused!? Audi A4 Saloon (05-08) 1.8T quattro 4d On Parkers it says its tax band K so (221-223k/gm)
  3. Bong Water

    Differences please?

    Thanks for that, I wasnt aware about the 2006 part I dont know what you mean, its the 190 I was curious about If you look at the Governments web site thingy that details all this, it only states April 2009 to April 2010 indicating anything can happen after April 2010 Thats how I read it...
  4. Bong Water

    Panel filter or Cone filter for dv sound?

    On my Audi? OEM Paper On my Honda's, different things, I ended up with a K&N panel filter and modded air box on my last modded Honda which is oiled obviously but only out of not being ***** to changed it I cant decide what car I want next, if I get an Audi i'll keep the filter OEM paper and...
  5. Bong Water

    Water temp stuck on 60 degrees

    Temp sender is easy to fit takes 2 mins so try that first, on my old A4 it didnt fix the problem and it ended up being the thermostat stuck slightly open which is still a fairly easy fix just slightly more expensive
  6. Bong Water

    Panel filter or Cone filter for dv sound?

    I dont think you're quite getting what i'm saying I am aware of the facts as I read into it, I would never use foam, oiled cotton or metal mesh I would only ever use fiberous or OEM paper Once again its personal preference so there is no informed decision to be made as I have already made it
  7. Bong Water

    Panel filter or Cone filter for dv sound?

    I never said it was fact, I just said I wouldnt take the risk, thats personal preference and therefore nothing to be mistaken about
  8. Bong Water

    Panel filter or Cone filter for dv sound?

    Finally! Thanks for that. I would never use an oiled filter on any car usually but especially not on a boosted car where MAFF's are prone to failure
  9. Bong Water

    Differences please?

    I try not to but its only going to continue to go up and seeing as though you have a diesel it doesnt affect you as much £420 a year for a 1.8 is just crazy
  10. Bong Water

    Differences please?

    Thats a good point, which post March 01 quattro's will be affected with these increases?
  11. Bong Water

    New member: RS6 Avant [PICS]

    Oooof, very nice indeed
  12. Bong Water

    2012 & Avatar

    Hype films are always going to be a disspointment
  13. Bong Water

    Anyone wanting to sell their S3 ?

    I would look at a 1.8T Quattro for that kind of money, if you even find an S3 for that money its sure to be a nail For a decent 1.8T Quattro your looking at £5K now, as said, prices have shot up across the board, you get a decent Civic Type-R for £5K 6 months ago and they have shot back up to £6K
  14. Bong Water

    Differences please?

    So its not just the map then, damn. Ok thanks for the info
  15. Bong Water

    Differences please?

    Can someone explain the difference between the 190 and 163 quattro's? I know the 190 is newer but what differences are there to the engine and transmission? The 163's seem to be a fair bit cheaper you see Cheers
  16. Bong Water

    Fat 5's are on!

    They look awesome
  17. Bong Water

    VW R range where does it leave the S3

    I think its absolutely hilarious, all that money for a Golf I heard about this a few days ago and its still giving me no end of laughs Anyone with half a brain would go for the S3
  18. Bong Water

    Panel filter or Cone filter for dv sound?

    Its over oiling that ruins MAFF's I wouldnt run an oiled filter on any car TBH but i'm funny like that So, Green filters, oiled or dry flow?
  19. Bong Water

    Panel filter or Cone filter for dv sound?

    Are Green filters oiled or dry flow?
  20. Bong Water

    Ideas please fellow audi drivers?

    Only thing you can do thats cost effective on an NA engine is open up the breathing, its not just the BHP that will improve (albeit slightly) the car will drive better, typical of any NA engine Induction kit, Exhaust manifold, decat or high flow cat and cat back exhaust To be honest though...