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  1. stu-evans

    What's it worth?

    Thanks all for the input. Had a look on line and I guess I'm reasonably happy with the prices they're on for.... But there did seem to be a real lack of Avants for sale - not sure if that will help me or if it's a bad thing?!
  2. stu-evans

    What's it worth?

    Forgot to say - it also has uprated (larger) brakes - Special Edition calipers and drilled discs fitted.
  3. stu-evans

    What's it worth?

    Hi all, Not been overly active on here for a while for a range of reasons - but now looking to sell my A4; but absolutely no idea what it's worth. I wondered if I could gather some opinions? It's a 2007 A4 2.0 TDI S-Line on 118k miles with full service history & just had a full service...
  4. stu-evans

    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    I've run winter tyres for the past couple of years on standard s line rims- probably class the tyres I have as 'mid range'. They make the world of difference (and I'm comparing them to top of the range premium Bridgestone that I run in the summer). The extra grip is definitely noticeable...
  5. stu-evans

    Locking Wheel nut help

    Should be able to hammer a 12 pointed socket onto that so that it digs into the outside of the bolt head... Then use a breaker bar to undo.
  6. stu-evans

    19 X 9.5 Inch wheels

    Nice rims! You may need to run a spacer with ET45 to clear the struts on the inside of the rim?
  7. stu-evans

    19 X 9.5 Inch wheels

    Not sure on the fronts as the struts are wider....i'm running 9.5 rear and 8.5 front (both with slight stretch). I wouldn't be able to go much wider on the front without poking or running. Think you'd struggle with 9.5 unless you want to poke? The most important thing in this equation is the...
  8. stu-evans

    Car Christmas

    Wow...ET20 9.5 rears will poke quite a lot! I'm running ET35 9.5s and max camber adjustment and only just tucking (rub on big spring compressions) might want to check that out or run seriously stretched rubber?!
  9. stu-evans

    Car Christmas

    I'm running 8.5 fronts on the equivalent of ET29 (the same as you using 6mm spacers on your setup), and my rims don't poke out of the arches (they sit just inside) you'll at least have a bit of wriggle room!
  10. stu-evans

    rattle debate

    Is it definitely engine rattle..... Or just a rattle from within the engine bay? If just from within the bay I would look for exhaust/downpipe hitting the heat shield.
  11. stu-evans

    Retro fit DIS stalk

    Yes, I did both together. Very little need for a video.... Bolt to take off steering wheel, a few screws holding stalks on. Just a case of taking off old and replacing with new. The CC stalk slots in with the others....
  12. stu-evans

    Dash MPG display retrofit

    Where are you based? I'm sure there's someone nearby that would help with a bit of coding for beer tokens....
  13. stu-evans

    Dash MPG display retrofit

    Just fit a new wiper stalk with the relevant dis switches on it and code via vagcom...... May as well fit cruise control stalk while you have the steering wheel off as well if you don't already have it.
  14. stu-evans

    Rs4 exhaust

    I've fitted S4 boxes to mine. The problem you may have with the RS4 variant is they have vacuum operated valves on them - I assume they're normally closed without vacuum so you'll be limiting your gas flow unless you can find a way to force them to stay open. S4 boxes have no such thing, so...
  15. stu-evans

    Curious about my MOT smoke test results?

    Great, thanks both! Car runs great, has far better pull with the S4 exhaust, and is serviced frequently (filters changed ahead of schedule)..... Quite happy to leave it be if there's nothing obvious/easy that may reduce the smoke!
  16. stu-evans

    Curious about my MOT smoke test results?

    Your numbers are a lot better than mine..... Mot test last month was 1.41 (they tested mine against 1.50 as well). Car is a 2007 140bhp... Although it is running a non-resonated S4 exhaust set up, so not much to stop the smoke on its way out!. I am wondering now whether I should be checking...
  17. stu-evans

    Service computer.

    That's normal.... Takes up to 500 miles to settle down and display next service.
  18. stu-evans

    What's it worth? (2007 A4 avant)

    What's the spec of the car/body like..SE/SLine... Options fitted etc.?
  19. stu-evans

    Radar Advice

    So re. apps, what's recommended? Been thinking about this for a while too. Used to use a road angel but not bothered since moving back to the UK as nowhere near the number of cameras we got used to overseas!
  20. stu-evans

    2.0TDI oil usage?

    The Audi 2.0T FSI engines allow for a litre every 1,200 miles, so I wouldn't worry about the usage you're seeing! Some of the newish BMW engines 'acceptable' allowance is 1.5 litres per 1,000!