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    Caffeine & Machine Meet 07th Jul 19

    Apologies. I have added a link to the location.
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    Caffeine & Machine Meet 07th Jul 19 link to website for location info
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    Attendee list Aitp eleven 11th August 2019

    1. Administrators 2. Mikesel 3. Audispy 4. daytonamart 5. AitpCalvin 6. JG51 AUD 7. AudiNutta 8.THQuattro 9.S3JACKSON 10. Macdoon 11. RAF_S7 12.michael a 13.BD55SOL 14. Adam14 15. Jordan hessey 16. DJAlix 17. ben_r1 18.Helter Skelter 19. staitesidestory 20.
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    Caffeine & Machine Meet 07th Jul 19

    There is a place not to far from me that has recently opened called Caffeine & Machine, its a bit of an Ace Cafe type affair, they get an extremely good turn out of petrol heads and their motors, however I haven't seen another 8L S3 down there other than my own. I was looking to right this...
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    19" Wheels on Allroad advice needed

    Want to upgrade the wheels on my c5 AR to 19 8.5J" c6 lemans wheels. The standard tyre size on these wheels is 255/35/19 with an offset of ET43. Does anyone know if these would fit or would spacers be required? Wondering if there would be any issues with rubbing on the front using the 255 tyres.
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    Audi A6 C5 ALLROAD suspension mods!

    Chris Have you done the 402 mod on yours? If so where did you get it done and how much did you go down by? Can't find anyone local to me willing to do it. Where did you get the modified arms from?
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    Cambelt change 2.5TDI. Any specialist in Northamptonshire .

    Worth giving GRM performance a try James is a pretty knowledgeable dude and fair prices to!
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    For Sale S3 & A3 8L Climate Control Buttons & Rubber Floor Mats

    I will take the floor mats if still available dude? I still have your details from the car purchase. Let me know. Cheers James
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    S8 18" Avus I wheels

    Offset is ET48 the tyres are actually slightly smaller than I first thought they are a 245/45/18.
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    S8 18" Avus I wheels

    Just bagged a set of 18" Avus I alloys from the S8. They have pretty much brand new Goodyear 255 tyres on so reluctant to change to any stretch at this point. Does anyone know if you can run this tyre size on the s3 with the adaptors and how many mm spacers would you need to to accommodate the...
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    Wanted Audi A4 1.9TDI Sport estate

    Looking for a B6 1.9tdi estate. Quattro would be nice but not a dealbreaker. Don't want anything slammed on its **** on coilovers as I will be using it as a daily.
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    Sold Audi S3 8L 2003

    Appreciate the kind sentiments. It was also a pleasure to deal with you and I also believe you sold it to cheap. Absoloutly love the car it is a credit to you. I can promise you it will be cared for in the same way. Cheers again for the hassle free sale.
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    Are there many A6 owners on here???

    Another c5 owner here. 1.9tdi. Based west Midlands. We should get an owners club going and do a few shows next year! Always a distinct lack of c5 A6's at all the big shows.
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    18 inch RS alloys

    Does anyone have a set of these they want to get rid of? Have cash waiting! Can't find a decent genuine set anywhere! Think they came as an optional extra on the later s3's
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    Awesome gti 2.0 tfsi coil pack adapters

    Has anyone used these and are they any good?
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    Awesome gti 2.0 tfsi coil pack adapters

    Anyone used these? Are they any good?
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    Audi 18 inch RS rims

    Don't suppose anyone has a set of these for sale I think they are called RS they were the 18's that were fitted to the later s3's as an optional extra I think! Have cash waiting if anyone has a set lying around! Have looked everywhere for a decent genuine set!
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    LCR Brembos

    Hi, just wanted to double check but do the lcr Brembos fit behind the standard 17 inch wheels?
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    Tyre pressures

    Hi, i just wondered what tyre pressures you are all running on your s3's just put some new eagle f1 as2's on and what the manual states for the back seems a little high! I am running the standard 225/45 17's what is the best pressures?