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    Heated wing mirror fault - one side

    More than likely the mirror heater element has degraded. Second would be the contacts to the mirror heater have corroded. I changed both driver and passenger sides at around 3 years old. The mirror and heater circuits seemed pretty cheap/flimsy compared to Audis of old. If you have a...
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    2016 A4 3.0 Quattro S-tronic - driver assistance?

    If the car doesn’t have the black circular globes in the fog/lower side vents of the front bumper, it won’t have ACC. The drivers assist menu helps you while driving, for example telling you when to let your foot off the accelerator to coast to the junction. The collision avoidance/pre sense is...
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    2017 2,0 TDI with 6 speed S-tronic - Experience?

    Don’t think it’s a 6 speed box, it’s a 7 speed + reverse. The only common issue I know of even if serviced correctly is that the gearbox sump can leak/mist slightly.
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    Rear quarter panel damage

    That’s not too bad, it’s as NHN said. It’s just really frustrating as a non fault claim can still increase premiums over the next few years. Is that a metallic red? My car has been scraped around 4 times always on the front right corner. Nobody has ever left any details, but I do live In...
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    New to me B9 2.0tdi Quattro

    Very nice. I’d say have a quick look under to see if the gearbox sump is leaking - common on these. Otherwise you’re good to go.
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    Break caliper?

    I got the same callipers as yours so it’s not aftermarket, there just everyday small brakes. More importantly what’s going on with the paint job.
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    Control arm bushing creaking

    Mate, you’ve got to take pictures of the rubber in the bushings, not the control arm itself or the metal sleeve which the bushing is adhered to. Having said that it’s hard to tell if a bushing is perished or failed by studying a photograph if it only has a slight tear etc. Ofcourse if there...
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    Patching FEC via USB/SD

    What is bash software ?
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    Leaking s tronic box

    £1500 seems a lot! I had a gearbox oil leak + gearbox errors (not shifting into P) - replaced the gearbox sump pan + new gasket + S tronic oil service. It costed me about £650. 2 years later there is misting on the gearbox oil pan again around the seal. I’ve been told it’s a slight misting...
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    Ambient lighting fitted

    Looks great, and OEM/ authentic. The standard speakers are awful and certainly need an upgrade. Be sure to include the led strip on the speaker grill as well like the genuine B&O.
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    EBC redstuff brakes & disks upgrade for my b9

    I see, the last time I bought pagids we’re on my A6, I’ve bought 2 full sets of pagid pads in 2015 and 2018. They worked perfectly no squeaks wobbles etc, albeit with brake dust. I was considering them for my A4, but went with the brembos as the reviews were good, I couldnt justify buying...
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    EBC redstuff brakes & disks upgrade for my b9

    I’ve just had brembo pads fitted, original discs. I think they are Meh- no noticeable difference I’ve done a few heavy brakes 100mph to 30 or so they fade a similar way to the OE pads. The only annoyance is that the brembos squeak when cold, it resolves after a few miles never had that with...
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    Deer collision

    Oh, I thought your light was cracked on the grill edge, maybe it’s just a reflection.
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    Deer collision

    A good chunk of that 4.2k would be the matrix lights no doubt. don’t worry yourself over it too much, animals will be animals. I once had a bird go splat on my windscreen on the m5 near Gloucester or so. Let’s just say I was keeping up with traffic … I had to pull over to wipe the remains...
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    Better headlights needed

    Change your xenon bulb to a better one and save the hassle.
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    Winter wheels for B9 S Line?

    I think the s line or 190hp models come with bigger brakes. For those who have fitted 17inch wheels you should clarify if you have the newer style 4 pot brakes or the older ones
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    Tyre sidewall damage – Replace?

    If it’s a new and expensive tyre look for a local place that does hot vulcanised tyre repair. It’ll cost about 10-20£ and will repair back to new.
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    Few questions about B9 Avant 190 TDI

    I have a 190 tdi A4 Avant. 1. Common/known Issus with: Ad blue pump sensor requiring new ad blue pump heated mirrors knocking noise from rear panel Tensioner squeal Tyre wear front inside edges gearbox oil cover leak 2.Generally no so long as you let the car do it’s regen cycle. 3. Good...
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    4 years of driving

    Very nice, avant or saloon?
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    Misfire on New 35TDI?

    You sure it’s a misfire? Any engine codes? These cars are very advanced and can usually pick up a slight misfire. Maybe it’s just changing the EGR valve position.