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  1. rezulteo

    Michelin CrossClimate - who heard about it?

    Yes, you have a very good point. :icon thumright: It's always better to fit winter tyres when it is cold (and as you say, winter tyres are more effective as soon as the temperature drops below 7°, not only on snow), and summer tyres when it's warmer. CrossClimate is more of a compromise for...
  2. rezulteo

    Michelin CrossClimate - who heard about it?

    We tried the tyre on dry, and it felt pretty much as a summer tyre. Winter tyres in summer tend to feel a bit soft, but not the CrossClimate. It wasn't noisy and the feedback and cornering was good. Compared to another Michelin tyre, the Energy Saver, some performances are on the same level...
  3. rezulteo

    Michelin CrossClimate - who heard about it?

    A couple of weeks ago Michelin presented a new tyre - CrossClimate. It's a tyre for both summer and winter. According to Michelin it's a difference between their new tyre and an all-season tyre. When an all-season tyre often been a compromise, not as good as a summer tyre when it's warm and not...
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    Changing tyres - verify wear

    If you are about to change tyres and fit your summer tyres, take the opportunity to check the tyre wear before. You don't want to fit a worn tyre, it's more prone to punctures and aquaplaning. The legal limit is 1,6mm, but we strongly suggest that you change your tyres before that, the...
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    The new tyre Toyo Proxes R888R

    After the very popular Proxes R888, Toyo is launching the successor R888R! Needless to say, that is fantastic news for all track enthusiast. Concerning the changes; the Toyo R888R is an asymmetric tyre whereas the R888 was a directional tyre (something you’ve probably already noticed)...
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    Yokohama Ad08r Tyre - Track Test

    Recently our journalist / test driver Julien had the opportunity to try the new tyre Yokohama Advan Neova AD08R in a very privileged and exclusive environment. The tyre was tested during an endurance race on the Magny-track! A good chance to really push the tyre to the edge. At the launch of...
  7. rezulteo

    Winter Tyres

    Nice pics, and yeah, big difference :) Vredestein seem to be pretty popular here. Anyone else using them?
  8. rezulteo

    Winter Tyres

    Nice! Let us know what you think when you've tried them!
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    Winter Tyres

    The end of summer coincides with winter tyres. That gives us the opportunity to review significant products 2014-2015 that we have had the chance to try; Yokohama V905 Where: In the north of Sweden, close to Vidsel Cars: Audi A4 Break TDI, BMW 1 Series Dimension: 15”-18” To...
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    Going on holiday: what to do before you hit the road.

    Going on holiday: what to do before you hit the road. Just before you set off, there are certain things that you should make sure you don’t forget. (and no, we aren’t talking about the dog ;) )! It’s that time of year when motorists tend to do the most travelling: on average 1000 km. The...
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    Gutted - tyre blowout!!

    What size engine do you have? And what size tyres were they? This is just to give you the best possible results. :)
  12. rezulteo

    Will 255/35/19" rs4 or rs6 alloys fit my A4 Dtm

    What year is your car? Also what's the engine size? Need to know this to find the best results for you.
  13. rezulteo

    Staggered. Alloys. Tyre size

    Apologies. Made a slight error. Of course they are not a bad choice. My bad :/ Tyres would need to be different front and back for the sake of grip
  14. rezulteo

    Staggered. Alloys. Tyre size

    Just going back to the first question, staggered wheels for your vehicle don't seem like a good choice. However its completely up to you and yes you would need different sized tyres
  15. rezulteo

    Stock tyres on S3 Sportback

    Not sure what the actual stock tyres are but you can have a look here S3 Sportback 2.0 TFSI 265 tyres. S3 Sportback pressure, dimensions, prices, and tyre tests
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    What size tyres are you looking for pal? Speed and load index too?
  17. rezulteo

    Best/Cheapest place for tyres in Teesside?

    Sorry for the late reply but here's a list of fitters in the Teesside area Tyres UK. To buy and fit tyres in UK. rezulteo
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    Which tyres can I use for my Audi A4?

    Anyone else? What tyres do you have? There are so many brands and models out there, not easy to choose... Recommendations and opinions are always interesting, no matter if you liked the tyre or not!
  19. rezulteo

    New shoes

    What tyres did you go for pal ?
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    Which tyres can I use for my Audi A4?

    Cool. Which ones?