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  1. Neil_S

    01 PD TDI, problem when wet/damp

    I had similar and it ended up being the vacuum hose from the top of the EGR to one of the controller sensors. I've ended up replacing all of the vacuum control units N18 and the other one, but not the N75 yet. I've also replaced all the vacuum line. This is on a 2001 1.9 TDi B6
  2. Neil_S

    01 PD TDI, problem when wet/damp

    Sounds like vacuum hoses to me.
  3. Neil_S

    312mm Brake Disk Upgrade

    I have the B6 S4 brakes, 345mm, they are absolutely mint, they took about 1000 to 1500 miles to fully bed in but boy do they work, far superior to the old 288mm disc
  4. Neil_S

    Front Anti Roll Bar linkage rubber mounting

    IIRC the front anti roll bar is the same across the range? The rear rollbar is different and I can highly recommend fitting the RS4 rear ARB. For the front, I assume you mean the small linkages? In which case I've replaced both on mine, cost about £30 each side IIRC, you need to put both...
  5. Neil_S

    Show me your calipers!

    Some S4 brakes which I refurbed and had powder coated...
  6. Neil_S

    Longlife oil my **** - more like short life turbo

    I've never liked the idea of those suction pumps, I much prefer just getting underneath the car and making sure all the crap comes out. I also tend to pour about half a litre of clean oil through to make sure too.
  7. Neil_S

    Longlife oil my **** - more like short life turbo

    I abandoned it at about 60k, I now change the oil every 6k, convinced it has to be better for the engine.
  8. Neil_S

    Post pics of your B6 A4/S4

    They are 18 inch replicas, although I'm due to pick up some replacements in a weeks time, got some original ronals to go on, 18s again
  9. Neil_S

    Post pics of your B6 A4/S4

    A few updated photos of mine after a bit of detailing...
  10. Neil_S

    Brake Lines

    I've done the S4 brake upgrade and the hoses look identical (this on a 1.9 TDi). Great upgrade too. I just used DOT 4 fluid, I think Bub went for the 5.1 fluid IIRC
  11. Neil_S

    Brake upgrades

    Yes, I'm rather chuffed with them. From this... via this... to this... With a little help from Bilt Hamber Deox-C and a Dremel
  12. Neil_S

    Brake upgrades

    B6 S4 upgrade, well recommended. Put mine on a few weeks back after refurbing some second hand S4 calipers
  13. Neil_S

    Interior trim

    The jelousy in this thread is quite shocking!
  14. Neil_S

    Stereo 'Beeping' on start up?

    ****** paying £80 for an alarm siren, I cut mine in 2 with a dremel and soldered in some new batteries, jobs a goodun for about £15.
  15. Neil_S

    Recommend a diesel engine oil.

    Almost a snap here (1.9 TDi, 51, 85k). I'm using Valvoline Durablend now, 5 litres for £20 and it meets the VW 505.01 spec for fixed interval servicing. I'm changing oil at 6k miles, I like it, it's a good price and it works well with this engine.
  16. Neil_S

    S4 Brakes

    Splash guards about £15 a side and pads around £75 IIRC
  17. Neil_S

    fuel filter

    Yes it is a consumable, replaced mine on the 1.9 TDi a few months back, costs about £13.
  18. Neil_S

    Bleeps coming from the boot!
  19. Neil_S

    Bleeps coming from the boot!

    It means the reserve battery in the alarm siren is running low, needs replacing. Unfortunately Audi only sell them as complete units and they cost around £90. I cut mine open with a dremel and soldered in a new battery pack as per some instructions on a TT forum which I'll try and find and...
  20. Neil_S

    I almost cried yesterday can anyone help!

    Utterly dreadful, really feel for you, hope you get it sorted. Cannot believe what I am seeing!