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    19" Wheels on an S-Line, What are you running?

    I had the contis on as standard from new and changed to Michelin sport 3 and they are a lot better!
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    Brennan's A4 B8 Progress Thread

    Nice mate love those wheels!
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    Wind noise Avant drivers door 2010.

    I recently have noticed this getting worse on my car not sure what the answer is? Anyone ?
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    Audi A4 2.0 TFSI - Dynamik vs Black vs S Line vs Special edition

    Yes Dynamiks are nice but also quite rare on used market as well! And yes side skirts are known to fall off a lot!
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    Audi A4 2.0 TFSI - Dynamik vs Black vs S Line vs Special edition

    Also black edition has DAB as standard over S Line as well as the awesome B&O sound system
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    Potential Audi B8 Owner

    A good tuning box restores that low rev grunt and improves fuel economy!
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    New 3.0tdi Black Edition Quattro

    Heated seats are a must have in the winter!
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    New Tyres

    What tyres were they guys? Would be happy with that
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    New Tyres

    Had the standard contis on mine from new they lasted 10k on the front so tried Michelins they lasted 12k but would like something that lasts a bit longer for £250 each ! Might try Dunlop going by above! 19's by the way!
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    DAB radio

    Good where I live but if I drive out get a lot of switching to FM ! Superb in London!
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    Am I doing something wrong!!

    Yes if your conscious still! I told them it was a fuel saving device and only increased BHP by 10 BHP ! Which is true on lowest setting! :rulez:
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    New Car oredred, my first Audi! (Advice Please)

    Yes that's why a tuning box will be best! Just plugs in and out and gives just as much extra power as a chip! Have a look at the comments on previous threads! DTUK are very good and have great customer service!
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    New Car oredred, my first Audi! (Advice Please)

    It is quite a saving on the P11D so I would stick with what you have ordered and if you find it sluggish stick a tuning box on it to give you the extra 30-40 BHP! Simple!
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    Pressed plates

    Then again half of the plates you see on cars these days aren't legal! Incorrect spacing no BS mark etc etc! I have Gel plates on mine and think they look great but then I would! :sly:
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    Diesel Tuning Box

    Yes DTUK boxes are really well made and work well with our engines! And you won't get better customer support than that provided by Andrew! Or Abyss!
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    a4 blutooth phonebook

    The A4 won't be a B8 as they didn't make a convertible A4 B8 ! Only A5 !
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    Back to Audi! A4 black edition

    Welcome ! Look forward to seeing some pics!
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    New Member & Soon New S4 Owner

    Nice :o.k: Good colour! The B & O is awesome isn't it!