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    S3 manual to S tronic anybody??

    Hello... Has anyone has gone from manual to S tronic in the S3... I kinda like autos mainly the clutch around town is a bit wearing after a while.but Iv read that it can kinda be frustating... Not had time for a test drive as second hand ones are few and fare between where I live until the local...
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    My Ibis White S3

    love them in white.. get the flat bottom SW its a must option
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    07 S3 standard Wheel

    Hello, Had a nastly scrape to my fount wheel on the center reservation at 50 mph as some **** swerved out into my lane as I was overtakeing,The wheel has a gash in the ridge... it looks purley cosmetic and it made one heel of a bashing sound.. however it may need replacing...does anyone know...
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    S3 SB Order - bad move with no Sat Nav?

    IMO the Nav is the center point of the interior and the best sat nav Iv used ****** on my mates Porche 997 one! it is expensive but is considered preferable to dealers on re sale as well.
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    Bluefin superchips on S3

    mmmm ok.. I understand now its spool up time not lag which is none exisitant realy on boost.. I fancy the chip however If its arrives wigger bang but longer spool up time Ill be even more irritated... I was hoping somone on heres had it and can exsplaine how it is after stage 1 .. ta anyway
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    Bluefin superchips on S3

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    Bluefin superchips on S3

    ok.. below 2500 rpm nothing... then woosh even tho my foot has not pushed it any further down any I simply want more poke at lower revs like the gold GTi 197 etc ... wondering if the superchips sorts that out????
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    Bluefin superchips on S3

    Yes sure.. its just been serviced and no abnormal reports...
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    Bluefin superchips on S3

    Eerrm not sure...its a current 07 model manual box .. 2.0 turbo
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    Bluefin superchips on S3

    Hello folks, Had the S3 for 10 months however the turbo lag is irritatingg to the point I want rid of it, recently had a go of a TT225 and is not nearly as prominent, Anyways can anyone reccomnend superchips stage 1 or the bluefin as a solution? I hope so.. thanks .........