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  1. Huwbert

    Hill Hold Assist

    Just learn to drive......
  2. Huwbert

    Standard 17" Alloys

    Fair enough, if you don't ask........ How much for the set, just for a rough idea?
  3. Huwbert

    Some nice Glossy's/Exploded diagrams

    Nice one, thanks
  4. Huwbert

    DTYME83 S1 Thread

    Wow! This build has moved on a lot since i last looked, i love it! Might i suggest you make a list of the companies you used for the bespoke parts, so that others that want to go the same route, have a known/proven parts upgrade builder/supplier?
  5. Huwbert

    Standard 17" Alloys

    I'd certainly be interested in buying one for a spare, but that probably doesn't help you!
  6. Huwbert

    Change xenon beam pattern for European driving?

    Yeah, i have. Went to Belgium and Holland last june, but as it was the summer and had no plans on driving at night, i didn't worry about it. Had a roll of black tape, just in case. :blink:
  7. Huwbert

    B7 Engine Swaps

    Now, don't shoot me for even contemplating it, i'm just curious! Has anybody put another type of engine in a B7 RS4? e.g. B5 2.7 twin turbo, B8 S4 supercharged etc.
  8. Huwbert

    Amending a order

    They're fobbing you off, i changed the spec and Tetbury Audi didn't bat an eyelid.
  9. Huwbert

    Waste Gate Noise

    Unless you're running an external wastegate, you won't hear anything as an Internal wastegate dumps straight into the exhaust. I'm guessing it's something else you are hearing, maybe a loose intake pipe.
  10. Huwbert

    S1 Ride Quality

    If you think the S1 is harsh, have a go in an A1 S Line.......
  11. Huwbert

    Quattro Rear Spoiler

    We'll take your word for it! :laughing:
  12. Huwbert

    Audi S1 or MK7 GTI?

    Depends how much space you need, not a problem, go for the S1, if it is a problem, go for the Golf.
  13. Huwbert

    My S1

    Get and wrap that grill surround! :tonguewink:
  14. Huwbert

    Just ordered the new Focus RS

    Nice one, i'd go the the RS too.
  15. Huwbert

    Am more than a little bit worried.

    Maybe a prob with 5th gear then, can't see it being pinking.
  16. Huwbert

    S1 Gearbox

    I thought the drivetrain was S3?
  17. Huwbert

    MK hose fitting problems

    Yes! :tearsofjoy:
  18. Huwbert

    MK hose fitting problems

    I've got it, it's the colour that's making it look different!........
  19. Huwbert

    MK hose fitting problems

    Blimey! This has all kicked off a bit! :blink:
  20. Huwbert

    MK hose fitting problems

    I know it has a bend in it, but in the pic it looks like the underside is kinked, i know it's not, just looks that way.