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    TTS 2009 blowers not working advise please

    Great thanks for the replys. I got the motor out and used some gt85 on it to lubricate it. Worked for a few days then stopped again. Luckily euro car parts had a sell managed to get a replacement one for £116 which i thought was pretty cheap. Seemed to fix the problem. :thumbs up:
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    TTS 2009 blowers not working advise please

    Hi, I have a 2009 TTS and yesterday the blowers stopped working. The lights were on but no air on any setting. They were working fine, then I parked the car for a couple of hours, came back and they weren't? Strangely got in the car this morning and they were working again!? Could it be that...
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    Advice please...

    Any idea how I can repair/ fix the weather strip that's started to peel? Many thanks
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    Trim around door TTS MK2

    Hi, Does anyone know firstly what the piece of trim is called that is above the passenger door window (and to the side of the windscreen). Mine has started to peel. Secondly, how difficult is it to replace? Thanks
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    TTS MK2 36k miles Window regulator gone

    They said that it was a common fault and they'd do it free under warranty if my service history was up to date. Had to get the car serviced for them to do it free, but my car was due a service anyway. Otherwise it was going to cost just under £300.
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    TTS MK2 36k miles Window regulator gone

    Hi, Has anyone else had this problem? Googled it and it looks like a design fault. Was wondering if anyone had any joy in getting Audi to at least pay some of the cost. £300 seems a bit excessive!? Got it booked into Yeovil Audi tomorrow. Have emailed customer services but no reply. That was...