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    RS7 Beast at Detroit Motor Show

    I don't know about you guys, but I have loved the A7 from start so I am mad excited to see this one on the roads. Detroit motor show: Audi RS7 | Autocar Looks Superb! Not too sure about the chrome alloys :ninja:
  2. 55_UK

    Some tw$ts just drove in to my parked s3

    Note down the time, May be look for a witness, was there a shop around there? Also how do you know it was a van? If you saw it write down the full description.
  3. 55_UK

    Stay away from RCIB

    My dad is a solicitor and he wrote to them on Friday, I got my refund first thing Monday morning without any written response from them. Goes to show they were just sitting on it making the interest and gave it when things looked a bit legal. I have always found big companies like Direct Line...
  4. 55_UK

    SICK OF IT!!!!

    Some forums have this thing where you cannot post stuff or PM if your post count is less? May be the admins could look into it.
  5. 55_UK

    Stay away from RCIB

    Just a heads up really - stay as far away as possible from Right Choice Insurance Broker Recently got a quote through, these were the cheapest, so bought the policy online after paying the initial payment. Got an email saying your policy is not valid until we call you etc. A guy...
  6. 55_UK

    So since my accident i have done a few things... and what a journey its been!

    ****** Hell Ash! That looks amazing. I was inactive for a year, but I have missed a lot! I have caught up with everything on your blog. But this conversion had to be applauded so here I am lol! The car looks stunning. You have gone for the best alloys for the sportback imo. Well done...
  7. 55_UK

    What do you pay insurance wise?

    which company is that with mate?
  8. 55_UK

    Thoughts please - Audi Cambelt price match promise

    just paid £300 for cambelt, water pump and the kit (as he called it) he also did a service...(local garage) audi are rip offs!
  9. 55_UK

    My Brilliant Black S Line 1.8T

    nally showing off his beaut :wub:
  10. 55_UK

    John Terry's sister filmed on a tram...

    stupid trash! people like her a killing England not the minorities
  11. 55_UK

    project A3,,,,DUB low life!!

    Amazing stuff Luke! love the pics and love the seats!!!! I must also say, excellent location for the shoot too! Didnt think that place looked this good at night. I wish I could bag s5's for £200 man! are you selling your old ones? lol
  12. 55_UK

    project A3,,,,DUB low life!!

    Awesome stuff luke! is the location Castlefield? I seen you around there couple of weeks ago, this car looks 100x more stunning in real life! btw mate, can you tell me which headlight bulbs you use? including the side lights? I'm too scared to purchase xenon bulbs after reading the wiper...
  13. 55_UK

    Fifth gear i still want a RS3

    Buying brand new is a foolish thing anyway. The only exception is if you are silly rich and can afford the depreciation. If I had 40k first it wouldnt go on a car, second if it did...i'd get second hand porsche's, gtr's or even bmw m3. Cars that are practical and look nice too. I love...
  14. 55_UK

    S Line front bumper conversion issue

    Any credible garage would know never to advise their customers to take off the impact/enforcement bar. Mate do as others are saying. I have had a quote from a guy for s-line bumper and s3 bumper. I have a 2006 sportback. He said the exact same thing after carefully looking at the bumpers/car...
  15. 55_UK

    Fifth gear i still want a RS3

    1M is ugly. RS3 is a rushed job! I would buy neither far better alternatives out there for that price
  16. 55_UK

    I think Wayne Rooney..

    I hate man utd and everything to do with them so was the reason for my comment lol! but seriously how many times has rooney been sent off for disciplinary issues rather than making a bad tackle? always! so he's trouble, he would help england, but we dont want a repeat of 2006!
  17. 55_UK

    Ipod help

    I didnt think it was possible man, but have you tried doing stuff like this: How to copy songs from your iPod to your PC
  18. 55_UK

    I think Wayne Rooney..

    he's a disgrace! a total pr1ck!!
  19. 55_UK

    Sportback Upgrading

    looking good so far mate. Can you tell me how much the DSG service was? and is there any specific time it should be done at? thanks