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  1. Slammedorion

    Attendee list Aitp eleven 11th August 2019

    1.Administrators 2. Mikesel 3. Audispy 4. daytonamart 5. AitpCalvin 6. JG51 AUD 7. AudiNutta 8.THQuattro 9.S3JACKSON 10. Macdoon 11. RAF_S7 12.michael a 13.BD55SOL 14. Adam14 15. Jordan hessey 16. DJAlix 17. ben_r1 18.Helter Skelter 19. staitesidestory 20. Dilly 21. CBAX 22. RedexElmo 23...
  2. Slammedorion

    Window gone down how can i shut it

    Window clips
  3. Slammedorion

    Window gone down how can i shut it

    Where abouts are you? No members help? I’ve just done ours
  4. Slammedorion

    Broken window? Window clips? Window regulator? or motor? Guide inside

    Used this write up to aid changing window clips today thanks Must have been 6 years since I did the n/s Finally had to do the o/s, needed the pics to refresh the brain
  5. Slammedorion

    Brake pressure sensor G201

    Keep getting a Brake pressure sensor G201 not a plausible signal - intermittent Just randomly every so often pops up and goes away Our A3 is a 2001 Aum Sensors on the master cylinder Do I buy a genuine replacement or is there another option?
  6. Slammedorion

    Brembo rebuild parts

    We just made new ones up when I refurbished ours
  7. Slammedorion

    Attendee list AITP10 Sunday 12th August 2018

    Unfortunately we’re not gonna make it tomorrow... :sorry: Hope you all have a great day :thumbs up:
  8. Slammedorion

    My Orions

  9. Slammedorion

    My Orions

  10. Slammedorion


    Just checking sorry I’ve just purchased one advanced ticket to be on Asn stand Presumably I need to buy all tickets in advance for passengers?
  11. Slammedorion

    Attendee list AITP10 Sunday 12th August 2018

    1. Administrators 2. Audispy 3. Mikesel 4 .Thquattro 5. daytonamart 6.VinceXR 7. Macdoon 8. Jg51 aud 9. AndyT306 10.S3Jackson 11. AudiNutta 12. MattSedg 13. Djalix 14. 24styles 15. Jungle 16. TX 17. AliiiB 18. sjbarnes3 19. weeb 20. Kriskrk 21. rasA4 - A4 B9 22. Tom.H 23. wilco184 24. Leevr 25...
  12. Slammedorion

    My Orions

    The Orion’s magazine feature is out now March issue of RetroFord 8)
  13. Slammedorion

    First wash for 2018

    Finally got a chance to wash the dust off the A3 Been sitting in the garage since September Due to a inguinal hernia op plus other health issues not had a chance to get anything done to this :( No before pics as it’s never bad but was very dusty :o Much better after a good wash and a little...
  14. Slammedorion

    Headlight bulbs (sorry in advance lol)

    If you go Halfords try borrow a trade card to half the price of replacements There quite expensive
  15. Slammedorion

    Strange power loss 1.8t Aum

    If it’s been remapped why’s there a code for O2 sensor? Our dash light was mapped out but I’m sure ours still uses the O2 sensors I had to change it last year for a new genuine sensor as it wasn’t reading correctly and was giving us a pulsing of power on hard acceleration Was picked up reading...
  16. Slammedorion

    My S3 Addiction

    Looks and sounds great... keep up the good work
  17. Slammedorion

    stoke area

    Not far away
  18. Slammedorion

    My Orions

    Washed the dust off quickly and put away for winter Tyres blown up to 42psi to help reduce the flat spots while it’s sat
  19. Slammedorion

    Anyone recognise this?

    Maybe off a car that’s bumped yours...?
  20. Slammedorion

    Anyone recognise this?

    Looks like a parking sensor bracket?