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  1. S3featesV9

    Fluttery noise instead of DV noise.

    Unscrew the top. Take out the piston and spring, remove 3 rubber seals, clean it up. New seals in with a bit of lube (provided), spring in, new piston thing in with a bit of the lube, screw top back on. You should get new springs too, I did anyway. Hope that helps.
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    Yep, probably. Having withdrawals already. I'd normally be out cleaning it, Or taking it out for a spirited drive
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    Car just got driven away by the new owner, seemed like a very happy man! From MK so any one that lives there may see a Ming blue S3 driving about. £3300 in the back pocket. Less than I was asking but hey ho. Have down graded again to another Clio sport. Nippy enough and should keep me going...
  4. S3featesV9

    Is there a way to make the wiper arms behave like most other cars?

    Does sound like either the motor is packing up, or the link arms are seizing up. I've not had it on the Audi, but previous car did this, got new wiper linkages and it kind f solved it. But would still park half way up the window. So got a new motor too and it was all good. I think it's just...
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    Very bad noises !!!!

    I had traumas, but now it's all good. Because I had the new rods that come with the arp bolts, garage under torqued them. Story short I needed another small rebuild. At their cost. Car is running better than it ever has. So much more pull too. Suppose it's just more efficient as its all new...
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    Very bad noises !!!!

    I have one done, depends what you want done. I had, brand new turbo, piston rings, forged IE rods, valve stem seals, new crank, new bearings. Oil pump oil pick up, water pump, cambelt, all new gaskets/seals etc. Totals at around £2200. But that's with huge labour discounts. Turbo was most of...
  7. S3featesV9

    S3 induction kit is needed!!

    The one and only badger 5 package! Search eBay for badger 5. Or visit his Own page on this forum.
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    It won't reach?? Have you cut down the silicone at all? Am assuming it's a badger 5 tip?
  9. S3featesV9

    Help with lost keys !!!

    Haha brilliant. My car key is always given to the mrs when I'm out on the booze. Just incase I get an urge to drive after. I tend to do stupid things when I'm completely wasted. Same as most ppl though. Some ppl fight, some crave food, I get an itch to drive unfortunately. Never done it mind.
  10. S3featesV9

    Just fitted my TIP and Jetex

    No oil, it's a dry filter. Which is why it's one of the best for our engines. As the oiled type kills the maf after a while IIRC
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    Help with lost keys !!!

    Out of interest, where did you find it?
  12. S3featesV9

    cheap ipod to standard headunit

    If its the same as Xcarlink. It recognises the iPod as cd1. But then flick the stereo off then back on and it'll divert back to the changer.
  13. S3featesV9

    UK Customs

    I had a similar thing. I got 8 new arp bolts from IE in America. Payed £41 for the bolts and £40 delivery. I then got a note from parcel force saying I owe a £38 customs charge!! All for 8 frigging bolts!
  14. S3featesV9

    Struggling to sell - any tips?

    The only interest I've had is people wanting parts off it. And a swap so far. Only been a few days though. Am hoping to sell soon though. Do not want to be waiting a month like you've been.
  15. S3featesV9

    Question about TIP fitting.

    Go to ECP and get some Normfest black, or even better red if they still stock it.
  16. S3featesV9

    Dog bone

    Have you used a yellow one, and the gone to a red? Or this just what ppl have said? I don't find the vibrations anywhere near excessive. but that's my opinion. I like it, and I recommend the yellow one. But I've never used the red one to compare.
  17. S3featesV9

    help needed please help

    I no what you mean, I have the B5 v2 TIP sat in my room for 3 weeks before I could fit it. I'd google Audi a3/s3 adjustable drop links on eBay, ad see if any of the sellers are local to you? London area I'd imagine there would be a fair few
  18. S3featesV9

    Dog bone

    Why 'NOT' the yellow?
  19. S3featesV9

    help needed please help

    I'd ring them first thing tomorrow. And see what they say. Explain you need them by then. I'm sure that if they post them tomorrow before mid day they will be with you around Friday.
  20. S3featesV9

    help needed please help

    Volksbits are located in Birmingham (bit of a drive) and stock them. They also have free and quick delivery.