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  1. aqibi2000

    2.0tdi issue and preventative maintainance

    You’re 2004 vehicle cannot compare with these common rail engines which have the egr buried away. Just test the egr with W vacuum gauge, faced many with failed diaphragms. if you have a diesel 2.0 BKD etc it takes 15 mins to change the egr, second hand OEM are about £20.
  2. aqibi2000

    Fiscon Basic still compatible with current Androids?

    I have one which can be made available…
  3. aqibi2000

    Spot the difference

    Paddy I took the game a bit too literally
  4. aqibi2000

    Audi A3 1.4 TSI with 511,000km!

    Someone has tried to change the mileage and f’d it up. you need specialist tools to reduce the value which they did not possess
  5. aqibi2000

    Cheap rear wiper motor

    Non ones have an electrical metallic click noise when the wiper turns on and off like a relay
  6. aqibi2000

    B post covers

    wrapped mine 2 years ago in Carbon 5D after some light hand sanding. they’re perfect
  7. aqibi2000

    Cup holder for double din and “Brodit” SuperPro phone holder

    Convenience of use to the phone is why I opted to modify my car to where it was most accessible to me. The pcb idea was excellent though! I think you may have missed the point my post, my car did have a card tray there, my post shows how to modify it to a cup holder instead which is taken...
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    Alternator clutch pulley

    Cheers. Was £22.17 INA (oem), plus £13 for the tool kit
  9. aqibi2000

    10 months on

    First things first get it remapped
  10. aqibi2000

    TDI quattro whining/whistling noise

    Not all worn bearings have noticeable deflection what you will notice by playing with the wheel bit carry on digging around
  11. aqibi2000

    TDI quattro whining/whistling noise

    It can be several things, including the wheel bearing. Best to get it checked if you’re guessing
  12. aqibi2000

    Alternator clutch pulley

    Have you confirmed your AC clutch is actually disengaging when you press the econ button. just confirmed my alternator clutch is seized so aux belt is all over the place hence sqeals when AC is on so I’ve ordered the bits to put it right
  13. aqibi2000

    57 plate A3 8p 2.0 240 tdi

    You need vcds (vagcom) not just any computer
  14. aqibi2000

    TDI quattro whining/whistling noise

    Remove your alternator belt for a few minutes and see if the noise persists
  15. aqibi2000

    Help? Turbo exploded?

    You can put a metal hose pipe clamp over the clip to hold it in tight (obviously don’t overtighten as it’s plastic)
  16. aqibi2000

    Alternator clutch pulley

    Do post back if you ever find it, got the same noise on mine between the same rpm, noise mostly goes when econ button pressed. haven’t began investigating it yet
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    Thought the same, not aware of any BKD had DPF so therefore didn’t come with swirl flaps.
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    Alternator clutch pulley

    Bearing in the alternator / AC compressor?