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  1. L_G

    Post google earth software errors?

    Back in December I had the software updated to accept the new 'here' satellite images rather than 'google earth' which was about to be discontinued for my model year. Happy days. Since then I have been getting a couple of intermittent error messages; 1. Internal SIM card error on start up (no...
  2. L_G

    2021 Map Update

    Has anybody seen this on 'my audi' yet? Its usually due around now
  3. L_G

    Audi Connect now £££££

    I have posted this on the B9 A4 platform forum but thought it would be helpful posting here as well. From the contributions on these forums people had been renewing their licences by simply sending an email to Audi as they didn't seem interesting in charging to extend them. Sadly that changed...
  4. L_G

    Audi Connect now £££££

    Just been on the MyAudi website on the off chance that the new maps were available. (Still showing 20/21) I see that the on line 'shop' is now offering Audi connect services at about £200 per year! :blink: Around £150 for the on line stuff to the car and another £50 for the remote connectivity...
  5. L_G

    Google Earth/Satellite Maps

    There are some suggestions on the net (such as on the A3 forum here) that there is a software update available to overcome the imminent demise of google earth images for MY18 and earlier cars. My car is booked in for a service in a couple of weeks and would be interest to know if anybody has...
  6. L_G

    A word of warning if you are up to no good

    Police use car 'telematics' to solve murder - In this case it was a Land Rover but suspect the same would apply for us.
  7. L_G

    2020 maps now available on myaudi

    As the title, something to do this weekend!
  8. L_G

    Roof Rack - Entirely Wise?

    Being "encouraged" by the other half to get some roof racks for a canoe/kayak. I see a set of official roof racks cost around £230. However the last time I used any of these they clamped onto the car's gutter (going back a bit!) so I guess they must attached directly to the roof. Are these...
  9. L_G

    Time for a new key battery or something else?

    This morning the car wouldn't start until I put the key on the marked bit under the arm rest. Other threads suggest there should be a warning about low battery levels?
  10. L_G

    SB Tailgate panic

    Parked in multi storey car park in Reading today where the storey heights are rather low. We needed to put some stuff in the boot so opened it and I pressed the button on the inside to stop the tailgate opening fully. Pressed the button again to close it and the tailgate started opening some...
  11. L_G

    Parking for the Isle of Sicily

    The other half wants to visit later this year as we are attending a wedding in the West County so will be near-ish to where the ferry departs from. When she has visited in the previously the parking arrangements have involved leaving the car keys with them as the cars get parked up three or...
  12. L_G

    Windows are open the app tells me

    except they are not. Tried open and shutting the windows, doors but to no avail.
  13. L_G

    Something odd happened - MMI screen

    Driving home along the A38 on Sunday and the MMI screen went blank and the bit of the VC display giving navigation directions reverted to its non-navigation mode (the mpg "bar"). Around 30 seconds later it returned as if nothing had happened - which pressing buttons randomly may or may not have...
  14. L_G

    Myaudi no longer compatible with google maps?

    Over the weekend I was trying to share a location/drop pin from google maps on my phone to the myaudi map but kept getting an error message. Tried again and still getting the same problem. I wonder if this is another "enhancement" by Audi? You can do the same via the map section of the app but...
  15. L_G

    USB socket 1 illumination?

    The one between the start/stop button the the 12 volt socket, should this be lit up? I think so but the photos on the internet don't appear to have one fitted..
  16. L_G

    Camera envy?

    I have noticed quite a few cars now have two or three cameras at the top of the windscreen, should I have chosen some more options so I have more than just the one?
  17. L_G

    Interior lights a bit too bright?

    Does anybody else find the ones in the driver's door for the electric windows and the lower half of the dashboard for the USB socket, etc rather too bright? Is there a way of adjusting these? Their brightness seems unrelated to the brightness/colour selected for the 'extended' LEDs on the MMI.
  18. L_G

    Door locking oddity/feature

    Last weekend I dropped SWMBO off to collect something and drove a short distance to a suitable place and parked up and switched the engine off but didn't leave the car and continued to listen to music. When she tried to get back in the passenger side door was locked (presumably I had driven...
  19. L_G

    Accessing Audi connect website

    Has anybody had any recent success in logging in? I keep getting redirected to the 'septic' website which, predictably, doesn't have my log in credentials
  20. L_G

    Mileage & Trip on S5 "sports" view

    I see some pictures show the total and trip miles at the bottom of the Rev counter on the sports display just above the time and temperature readings. Any ideas as to how I can activate it? Seems a bit odd not seeing them while driving...