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  1. James.Asbri

    What a wheel idiot....

    You might have that at the start of the week i was considering selling up and get myself a Ford Fiesta ST2. You guys soon changed that!! Anyway, the money that I was looking to spend on that will now be going towards you wheels, just not sure which ones? Despite looking through the 'Rimz...
  2. James.Asbri

    Give me a number....

    Evening all, Unfortunately, with the A3 becoming 3 years old the MOT is fast approaching so I'm considering an exit from the Audi family (it's been a VERY difficult decision and one I'm reluctant to make). Despite it being nothing like an Audi for build quality, I'm considering the purchase of...
  3. James.Asbri

    I'm after an Apple 'Wizz Kid'....

    Hi all, Looking for a little help please.... I've just created an iCloud email address as the email account I've got at the minute is open to junk mail, which I hate!! Basically the email address I've currently got is running my iTunes and everything else which I want to change to my new email...
  4. James.Asbri

    Daytona Grey A3

    Strange question I know.... Any examples with or without the optics?
  5. James.Asbri

    Show me your....

    .... Marine/Tropical aquariums I'm considering treating myself to a marine tank but I'm not convinced. With very little knowledge on aquariums they seem hard work, even more so for a marine over a tropical tank. Before I do purchase I know I'll need to extent my knowledge but I just want to see...
  6. James.Asbri

    Edit post

    Why is it I can edit some, can't edit others. I've changed file names in Photobucket thinking I could change them in my posts but I can and now they aren't showing. Anything I can do?
  7. James.Asbri

    iPad 3/HD (Nobody really knows yet)

    With the launch of the new Apple iPad 3/HD getting ever closer I'm eager to order, been wanting one for a while now so I'm not holding back any longer. Any, my question: Does anybody understand the Orange Sim plans? Basically, I won't really need the 3G signal that often so I'm looking to...
  8. James.Asbri

    Nikon D3100

    Hi all, Thinking of getting myself an SLR, anybody out there with a Nikon D3100. Thoughts please? Thanks James
  9. James.Asbri

    The Hulk

    I think this looks stunning in that colour: Vehicle View - Audi S3 2.0 T FSI quattro Black Edition S Tronic - Preston Thoughts?
  10. James.Asbri


    Strange question.... I'm after a cool username that I can incorporate on forums, Twitter and email address. Any cool suggestions? I'm sure there's plenty of you out there with a far superior imagination than mine.
  11. James.Asbri

    It was a matter of time....

    2004 04 REG AUDI A3 2.0 TDI SPORT S3 RS3 REPLICA !!! | eBay
  12. James.Asbri

    BUILD THREAD - MY11 Audi A3 Black Edition | Ibis White

    Hi all, Been on here a while now and been meaning to write my own build thread (not that I've done much building) but never got around to it as I've never had any photographs of my current car. Currently driving my second Audi as I wasn't overly happy with the first spec. I chose, at the...
  13. James.Asbri

    Air freshener

    Hi all, My car is now losing it's 'new car' smell and I'm not sure what to replace it with? Is there anything out there worth investing it that I've been missing out on? Got a soft spot for coconut (a little gay I know), anything out there? Thanks in advance! James
  14. James.Asbri

    In doubt

    Hi all, With the never ending petrol price increase I'm in doubt whether or not to change the car. Never something I wanted to say, but, my head is taking over my heart with this one. I'm finding myself short each month as I still have a loan for my current car but if I were to purchase...
  15. James.Asbri

    MY11 Audi A3 Black Edition | Ibis White - Detailed

    Hi all, Over the weekend (slight delay I know) I performed my first ever detail to my Audi A3, Black Edition. I must admit, it's hard work and time consuming although I'm fairly sure with time I will get quicker. I've been searching this part of the forum since joining as I've always...
  16. James.Asbri

    'All the gear, no idea'

    Hi all As the title suggests, I'm after some further help. Next week I got the week off work so I will be performing my first full detail on the car. I'm still a few products short which I will order tomorrow but there's one which I need help on. This rubber trim: What product...
  17. James.Asbri

    How to ruin an S3

    2009 59 Audi A3 S3 Quattro 3dr S Tronic on eBay (end time 19-Feb-11 10:05:57 GMT)
  18. James.Asbri

    Autosmart Tardis

    Why doesn't it work for me?
  19. James.Asbri

    RNS-E eject

    Morning all Firstly, sorry for posting in the wrong section but I didn't seem to get an answer there last time. Anyway, my RNS-E isn't ejecting the disc, is there a reason for this or am I missing something? Thanks James
  20. James.Asbri

    Photoshop request. . . .

    Hi all I'm after your help, I'm looking at changing my wheels and would like somebody with the facility to photoshop them for me please? Can you use this car: And place these wheels in black with MTM in...