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  1. fouryoghurts

    A3 to S3 (8P3) Conversion: Complete Walkthrough - Should I publish?

    I recently completed an 'A3 to S3' (8P3 Sportback) exterior body conversion and was planning to produce a comprehensive write up of the project. This is a popular topic and I know there are a number of threads that discuss its various parts (front end, rear end, side skirt discussions, etc), so...
  2. fouryoghurts

    Fitting S3/RS3 rear bumper to A3 8P3 Sportback - PARTS REQUIRED?

    I'm finalising my TPS shopping list for some body mods for my recently acquired A3 (8P3) sportback MY2010. I know what I'm doing with the front end and sides but need to finalise what I need to sort the back end. I'm wanting the RS3 look and want to clarify what parts are needed. I know a few...
  3. fouryoghurts

    A3 to S3 (8PA) sportback body conversion - whats involved?

    As per title... Got a wee project on the horizon for a 2010 A3 sportback... Am I right in saying its skirts, front bumper, grill, rear bumper (plus maybe spring kit)? Wasn't sure if the rear bumper was the same plus a diffuser...? Can these S3 parts (if OE) go straight on to the vanilla A3...