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    Fuel Relay

    Afternoon folks, Can someone tell me where/which the in-tank fuel pump relay is on my 2006 3.0TDI v6 A4 B7 Cabby? (ASB engine code) I've read conflicting information saying there's two, that ones under the ECU etc etc, I'm having a fuelling (lack of) issue, which disappears when I provide the...
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    3.0TDi Non-start

    If I run the lift pump and my inline pump I get some fuel pressure, then when I crank I get more but certainly the huge pressure the rail runs at. The belt is fine, I put a new one on when I refitted the pump - I am wondering if the sproket isn't fully on the pumps splindle and is slipping slightly.
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    3.0TDi Non-start

    Thanks for the replys, Paul - I'll try pulling the plug and see what happens. The filter is reasonably new - also made the mistake of not filling the new one and that gave me starting problems, but nothing like this. BakPak - I've cracked all the injector pipes and am getting fuel but not...
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    3.0TDi Non-start

    Evening folks. My 3.0ltr V6 ASB engine'd A4 recently flashed up a fuel pressure low code and the engine died. Several attempts to restart the engine have proved unscucsseful so I had it towed home. Since then I have done some rudermentery diagnostics and found the metering valve on the side of...
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    Fixed Can't Post

    Hi sandra - I'm having the same issue? Thanks