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  1. dantdi

    A3 2.0 TDI 2013 Turbocharger swap

    This mite be of help Also darkside developments probably got some stuff on there blog.
  2. dantdi

    Low mileage cambelt

    Thinking about it that's a new oil filter and oil every 240ish miles! :sign wow:
  3. dantdi

    Low mileage cambelt

    Have i read this right? Your car only done 1,450miles in total? Your clearly hot on maintenance and want to keep it at it's best. I'd defantly get it done. As AlS3BE already said. If cambelt was to go, think you would popbably have highest maintained cared for mint condition a3's going but...
  4. dantdi

    Facelift Metal fragments on fuel filter.

    Think just have to wait see, Check top filter again 500 to 1000 miles. Was thinking could i put one them little inline filter's ( on the return...
  5. dantdi

    Facelift Metal fragments on fuel filter.

    Hopfully it is buddy! Have read on VW forum seen specs upto 40k then seem to clear. I do always think the worst.
  6. dantdi

    Facelift Metal fragments on fuel filter.

    I also tried to use magnet didn't seem to pick anythink up. Does look like aluminium to me, could and probably be wrong though.
  7. dantdi

    Facelift Metal fragments on fuel filter.

    Cut it open all looks clean in side, Guess filter is doing it's job. Just unsure if this is coming from fuel tank or return from engine.
  8. dantdi

    Facelift Metal fragments on fuel filter.

    Hi, All Change the oil on my 2017 2.0 tdi (150) CRLB engine today. Had fuel filter to hand so just change it anyway even though only changed about 4000 miles ish ago (due to lockdown) Found what looks like very small metal fragments on top of filter. Having Google about some people saying...
  9. dantdi

    Intermittent high idle

    I have CRLB also noticed this. I put down to dpf or battery. If been driving for while and come to a stop and still at 1000rpm i find letting idle for min or two, then blipping to about 1200 or 1300 for sec seems to go back down too normal idle speed. Part from that how finding/liking your...
  10. dantdi

    What you listening to today

  11. dantdi

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Guess must have been replaced with wrong grill before I owned the car. Unless was defect part from factory. Not sure makes any difference yet. Will replace it soon with right one.
  12. dantdi

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Warning & Puddle leds Big Thanks to RobinA3 @RocketWires for supplying Loom and LED'S nice easy instructions. Highly recommend him! Also found something little odd along the way. This was clearly only going one way till i can replace it
  13. dantdi


    Not great day! little bit of deal eagle f1 asy5, if your on 18's maybe other sizes too. Use code 4GY25
  14. dantdi

    Audi A3 8V Reverse Camera (High) DIY Retrofit guide!!

    This is probably a stupid question, but.... A4 rear Camera different to A3 8v ?
  15. dantdi

    OE Fan windscreen jets for A3 fitted to my 8v
  16. dantdi

    Rear view camera retrofit doesn’t work

    Where did you get all retrofit kit from buddy?
  17. dantdi

    Out of date MMI maps. Help!

    Wow, that site is charging you £27.26 for VCDS software!? But free form VCDS.
  18. dantdi

    audi a3 tdi automatic

    non remapped 2017 150 (CRLB) engine and DSG Dq250 (QMM) Only done 23,000 miles. But im really happy with it so far. No problems.
  19. dantdi

    Facelift MMI connector removal?

    No its genuine lead from Gendan. I'll have to try looking or post on Vcds forum about it. Or just use the Obdelven. Thanks again for the info!