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  1. Han4mi

    Audi Pre Sense failed to work

    I have mine turned off, it annoyed me too much when it kicked in during various situations where it wasn't needed. In the end it's the driver's responsibility to be concentrated.
  2. Han4mi

    Painting Grill Any tips

    It depends. If you do it properly it last for a long time. You can't go cheap on the amount of coats. I did mine 9 months ago and it's still good as new.
  3. Han4mi

    S3 vs RS3 thoughts

    I had an opportunity to drive a new RS3 today and have some thoughts regarding comparing it to my 2018 S3 (I have my car for 9 months). This is going to be totally subjective and the RS owners are probably going to strongly disagree but here we go :) 1. The RS3 suspension and steering feel is...
  4. Han4mi


    The floor mats are one of the things I would keep in my car for several years so saving a few $$ wasn't worth it and I got the oem ones. They look and feel great.
  5. Han4mi

    Damaged alloy

    I cleaned the alloy, masked off the tyre and undamaged areas, then sanded it down with the paper. After I was happy with the result I applied some polishing paste and finished the job.
  6. Han4mi

    Front S3 badges in black

    It's clipped on. Remove it, paint with plastidip, remove unwanted plastidip after it's dry (I wanted to keep the red part). Easy and cheap.
  7. Han4mi

    Damaged alloy

    That's very minor damage. I would purchase some sand paper with 3 gradients and polishing paste. Would look like new after half an hour of work. Trust me you will curb these again :) I've done this to mine twice now and they look great.
  8. Han4mi

    Next Gen S3 Sedan Spy Shot

    In my opinion car manufacturing has become stale, I would compare it to the smartphone market for the past few years. All the best designs have already come out as there were no manufacturing bottlenecks. What we are looking at now is redesigning for redesigning's sake, it serves no real...
  9. Han4mi

    Next Gen S3 Sedan Spy Shot

    Looks like it was a great choice to get a my18 S3. The new model doesn't get me excited at all, gonna look like a smaller a4. The interior is going to be a downgrade with the cheap touch panels too. It's quite a shame that audi is trying to go deep into our pockets while the cost cutting is so...
  10. Han4mi

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    I haven't used the glossifier so it probably looks like that in the picture only. I wouldn't put too much attention to it, as the tips are party visible and the finish won't matter. I do recommend you get a few coats to make it last though. Regarding the diffusor, you would definitely need to...
  11. Han4mi

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    No, just regular black with no extra coatings. Thought about the glossifier but I kinda prefer a matte finish.
  12. Han4mi

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Just regular black plastidip. I wanted the option to remove it when I sell the car in a few years. All my badges were dipped 7 months ago and they are still perfect.
  13. Han4mi

    Centre console carbon fibre trim

    Don't waste your money, I had it and got rid of it right after putting it on. Feels very cheap and looks like ****. The hard plastic ones are better.
  14. Han4mi

    Carbon fibre gear surround for RHD.

    I don't recommend to buy any soft type carbon interior trim pieces, they look really, really cheap (I bought the specific cover you got in the picture, threw it out). Hard plastic ones may be even more fake but they look better in my opinion.
  15. Han4mi

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Sure, here you go : Make sure to remove the tips, clean them well and spray several thick layers in case you decide to do it.
  16. Han4mi

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Finished all the visual mods today: - blacked out badges - painted exhaust black - carbon fibre wrapped mirrors and roof - installed s3 carbon spoiler
  17. Han4mi

    Advice/Mods for a new S3 owner???

    I dipped all of my badges but trust me, it's a PITA, especially for the front. The rear is quite easy to do since the overspray is simple to get rid off. After some time I ended up leaving the rear dipped (6 months and still looks as new) and replaced the front with a black glossy one. I...
  18. Han4mi

    Static noise?

    I'm taking my in for repairs next Friday (exhaust squeaking), I listen to music almost all the time and the static noise isn't noticeable then so I might live with it for a while and see if it gets any worse. By front passanger speaker you mean the one in the pillar or below the windshield? I'm...
  19. Han4mi

    Static noise?

    Exactly my thoughts on this as it gets louder if I put the gearbox into S mode. Gonna be a PITA for them to acknowledge this though as they had issues with replicating the squeaking exhaust too (it's getting replaced in the end though).
  20. Han4mi

    Static noise?

    I've noticed that the problem doesn't exist when the vehicle is stationary (engine on). Only happens when driving and you can hear it at lower speeds, when going faster the road noise, engine, exhaust mask it. I'm kinda annoyed as this is supposed to be a premium brand but the minor issues that...