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  1. The_Ironist

    Noise and smell - Thoughts?

    Final leg of my journey home today and start getting an odd smell inside the car. Initial thought was a vehicle in front of me but it went briefly and reoccured when I was alone. Smells like a burning chemical. Got home and opened up the bonnet and there is a definite fizzle coming from the...
  2. The_Ironist

    Boot pin flap

    The little plastic cover that covers the pin which the boot lid locks onto has broken. It looks like the spring has just come out of where it should be. I’ve tried fixing through the hole to no joy and guessing I’m going to have to take the whole liner section off to get to it. Any tips/advice...
  3. The_Ironist

    iOS 14 Beta

    Is anyone using this in conjunction with Apple CarPlay? Any issues?
  4. The_Ironist


    Dads 2012 RS5 stolen from my parents drive 5am this morn in west mids area. Wasn’t keyless, they sliced the drivers window out and just went with it. Guessing OBD2 port used. No alarm went off. Neighbour woke them up to tell them. Police there quick and it was clocked on ANPR going up the M5...
  5. The_Ironist

    Police Interceptors - RS3

    First episode of new season and first thing is PFL RS3 being ragged away from police before... won’t spoil it. Spenner does well to keep up though. Next up, A45 that doesn’t run.
  6. The_Ironist

    Engine Number Location

    Searched but only found threads on previous gens. Could someone confirm where I’d find the engine number under the bonnet? With a picture if possible? Looking at S3 later and just one of the checks I want to carry out to make sure no engine replacement. I’ve looked in my A3 and can’t see it...
  7. The_Ironist

    Anyone trading S3 into Newcastle?

    Just put deposit down on black S3 going into them imminently. I enquired about the condition and they said the current owner was a bit of a cleaning fanatic. Sounds like a forum member, just wondering if anyone from here.
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  10. The_Ironist

    Repair / Parts

    Hey, Looked at a second hand car today and was mostly ok just a few issues. One being this grille section damaged in 2 places. Is this easy enough to swap out myself and is it one part? Any ideas on part number? Also what is the body coloured cube (left red circle) it’s been pushed in. Easy...
  11. The_Ironist

    Second Hand Saloon

    Anybody in a Black FL Saloon S3 looking to sell or know someone who is? Don’t want to buy new due to sound issues being discussed, have been keeping my eye out but nothing much coming up. Currently only 4 on autotrader/Audi approved. Musts: Pano roof B&O (ideally alongside black edition) Tech...
  12. The_Ironist

    Alloy Swap

    Looking at a car with mint 19” Wing Arm Alloys. Would anybody fancy a trade? Looking for 19” 5 Twin Spoke Star ideally but perhaps 19” V Spoke.
  13. The_Ironist

    Loud Knocking/Clunking Noise - Rear Right

    So A3 was in for MOT last week. Passed with notes on both rear shock absorbers advising light misting of oil or has limited damping effect. The guy told me on the phone was nothing to worry about just something to monitor to see if it got worse on future services. Since I’ve had it back...
  14. The_Ironist

    Dealer Staff Car

    Has anyone had experience buying one? What are views on them? Looking at used S3 Saloons and in an ideal world, 1 private owner with low mileage. One has popped up but was a dealer staff car they can use for 6 months or so at a time. At 18 months old I’m guessing it’s had minimum 2-3 staff...
  15. The_Ironist

    Alloy fit

    Would the 19s of these: Fit on a PFL Sportback S Line? I seem to remember if you wanted 19s specced PFL you had to get adaptive suspension...
  16. The_Ironist

    Ceased Production

    Did a search but didn’t come up. Have I missed something big? Multiple places sayings saloon and sportback S3 no longer in production?
  17. The_Ironist

    Someone has caught my rear bumper

    best course of action to repair?
  18. The_Ironist

    Scratched 10 Spoke Matt Titanium

    Garage has scratched the front faces of the spokes while replacing tyres. Will cover repairs. Are these diamond cut? Any recommendations for repairers reasonably local to Cheltenham?
  19. The_Ironist

    Brake Pads

    How much have people paid for brake pads only replacement? Been quoted £164 for 2 front pads which sounds high to me.
  20. The_Ironist

    Facelift FL B&O

    It seems you can’t just get B&O as an option on its own any more and have to opt for the sound and comfort pack which includes heated front seats, parking plus and hold assist, none of which I’m interested in or want to pay for. Is this correct?