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  1. Pork789

    Limp mode/ No throttle response

    New throttle pedal fix this on mine! :) Fingers crossed dude!
  2. Pork789

    2.5tdi injection pump timing

    I had the same sorta problem, turns out it was fuel pump (actually in the fuel tank) was at fault, wasn't sucking enough fuel, saved me buy a new master injector 2 which is in the price range of 900+ :(
  3. Pork789

    Anyone Seen These Light Fronts

    I brought this one, and tbh it make 100% the difference. Good purchase :)
  4. Pork789

    A4 b6 Saloon Armrest

    Can anybody suggest part numbers or someone/somewhere i can buy an armrest for my Audi, and at first is it possible to fit one? Regards
  5. Pork789

    2.5 tdi tuning box. Dte systems

    I'm still unsure on whether to or not. I mite just to see.
  6. Pork789

    2.5 tdi tuning box. Dte systems

    Is it worth buying one? I'm interested in yours @quattrodave.
  7. Pork789

    Votex Spares

    You'll find that everyone with this body kit needs that part, myself included (Y) Good luck, I'm still searching 4 months on.
  8. Pork789

    Aftermarket Head Unit Query.

    So some cable and a light bulb job I'm guessing?
  9. Pork789

    Aftermarket Head Unit Query.

    Just a quick one, I've finally fitted my aftermarket stereo (yay) previous thread... I've installed the live feed from the fuse box, but its running off the cig lighter at the moment. As dose anyone they want there stereo to turn on and off with the key :) Any suggestion? What fuse to pick? or...
  10. Pork789

    2.5TDI IMF Location

    I believe number 10 is the one your looking for...
  11. Pork789

    Aircon questions.

    I had this with mine, high pressure switch had to be replaced and the problem was solved. £50 new (Y) Then again, it can flag up this fault if there is no gas in the system, or its low, so you'd need to get it re-gassed to find out either way lol
  12. Pork789

    A4 2.5TDI V6 Quattro, AKE Oil Leak Sub Sump, Help needed!?

    Question : How did you resolve the Injector Seals? Mines still leaking even tho I've replaced the pipe :)
  13. Pork789

    Audi Radio Bose - Aftermarket Head Unit.

    Turns out PC9-401 fits mine, just need to test it. Mine dose have bose on the front grills but as you rightly said front speakers are wired separately to the rear. There own plug as such. Just need to get a aftermarket head unit to test before i go buy a decent one that is.
  14. Pork789

    Audi Radio Bose - Aftermarket Head Unit.

    Sorry for the late reply to this, but it seems you've answered all my questions on it aha. Its an idea i want to do but it dose seem alot of effort lol But as odd as it sounds I'm unsure if mine is fully or half bose now? All those harnesses don't even look remotely like they will fit :(
  15. Pork789

    Audi Radio Bose - Aftermarket Head Unit.

    is it now, do you have any links to which i can browse? I've just heard negative things like it wont sound as good because of the Bose AMPS etc.
  16. Pork789

    Audi Radio Bose - Aftermarket Head Unit.

    This has more than likely been asked time and time again, but basically i want to put an aftermarket headunit in my Audi, I've look around and found that it can be a pain the ***, has anyone done it yet? I've taken out the CD Changer and put a box of tricks in the play from the pen drive that...
  17. Pork789

    2.5 tdi egr problem - update

    haha i know very little, good luck keep me/us posted (Y)
  18. Pork789

    2.5 tdi egr problem - update

    13mm spanner and a piece of pipe solved it for me. :)
  19. Pork789

    2.5 tdi egr problem - update

    Yeah i see what you mean, They are a pig to get at, mine came off with a massive t**ting then came free, I managed to go in from the top, and a great deal of cuts too..
  20. Pork789

    2.5 tdi egr problem - update

    If we are talking about the same bit its a Allen key bolt? 2 of them that point into the engine bay?