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    Which wheels for my sportback?

    Well Guys, I've sold my 19" A8 wheels and I'm really looking for a good replacement... I will probably go for 18" this time and maybe drop the car a little further than the sport suspension... Any imput is welcome, because I really don't know which wheel too choose??? So, 18 or 19" and it...
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    Connecting an aftermarket HU to the Symphony speakers?

    So, my girlfriends brother also drives around in a A3. He recently changed the standard headunit to an Alpine so he can play mp3's. The only problem is that only his front speakers work, because they are wired directly to the speaker exits of the new HU. Now, for the back there seems to be a...
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    Which lights => Philips Bluevision or nightguide ?

    Well, I want my car to look a bit good and I wanna see more so I would like to change te lightbulbs... So I think I will use Philips, because I can get those in Belgium, but wich one will be best and look good : - Bluevision - Nightguide
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    Wheel problem

    Hi, I had new 8 x 19" A8 wheels ( 225x35x19 ) installed yesterday, but the problem is that the one's in the rear really hit my rear bodywork when I take a bump... They stick out too far I think, what can we do to make it ok again... The guys from the shop where I got them want to "drill" out...
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    Finally took delivery ( 2.0TDI Sportback )

    I finally took delivery of my sportback 2 weeks ago. I have already covered about 2000km with it and it just drives magnificent! The suspencion is really sporty ( read 'hard') but I love it... Full specs : - 2.0TDI ambition sportback - lavagrey with red leather interior - aluminium -...
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    Stereo upgrade sportback?

    I've ordered my sportback without a sound system, since I'm going to have a decent one installed. My only question to you fellow owners is what's the speaker size???? 16cm = 6.5inch or 13cm = 5.25 inch ???? Please help me??