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    s3 engine light keep comen on

    is it remaped ?
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    Anyone had a new front wheel bearing fitted on their A3?

    I had a front replaced on my 08 plate S3 in Jan with 19k on !
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    Fitted BBS CK's to my S3

    is it lowered on springs or coilovers ?
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    Vibration at high speed ....thought's anyone

    righty i took an audi lad out this morn ... n he said wheel bearing on passenger side .. picked car up tonight had wheel bearing replaced and is sweet as now !!
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    Vibration at high speed ....thought's anyone

    Ive got exactly the same problem on my s3 its going into audi tomorrow .. so ill let u know .. it gets to 70 then starts goin brrr .... brrr .... brrr faster u go quicker it gets n obviously the slower u go it slows down. im thinking wheel bearing or drive shaft ?!
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    BBS 19" CK with tyres £1500

    Hiya Phil , Wots your best price for some bbs ch's 19x8.5(i think thats right) for a 2008 s3 ? with and without tyres? ta Craig
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    N8 KOW v Matt's Ibis S3

    wot size wheels are those ? and has it been lowered , if so on wot ? cheers !
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    Joke Polo Harequin

    haha check ben out wot a nugget !!
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    Revo in yorkshire ?

    i currently have a superchips map on my s3 , but i keep having problems with the engine management light , so iam looking at getting a revo map with a switch .. has anyone used anyone around the yorkshire area ? and is the revo power delivery different to the superchips map ? Ta folks !
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    My Ibis S3, the A3's gone but not forgotten....

    are the ck's 18" or 19" and is it lowered ? looks well by the way !
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    rubber mat ?

    Could some one have a quick look at the little rubber mat that is infront of the aux port on a s3 center console and see if theres a part number on the back of it ? , as mine has gone walkies and need to order one ! thanks ! :happy: