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    DSG Issue ?

    Having come from the 8sp ZF box this is relatively new to me, although my wife has a new DSG Golf I'm reasonable au fait with the characteristics of the box. When I'm facing up a slight incline I cannot get the car to 'creep' forward unless I take my foot right off the brake. Bit difficult to...
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    2015 MMI Touch issue

    When I have been listening to the radio, turn the car off and then get back in the MMI won't remember and will play a random track from the Jukebox? I have the car booked into Audi for a couple of other bits and have asked them to check but just wondered if anybody had the same issue , only...
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    New to Audi A7 272 se Exec

    Hello all, new to the marque and forum, had a F11 530 touring before and this is the first non estate I've owned in about 12 years. Bought this about 6 weeks ago. A few pics from the dealers Out with the old and in with the new First wash Dog approves I've done a few small...