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    2007 A4 bluetooth stopped working

    Hi guys my 2007 A4 bluetooth just went missing strangely the ERG valve went at same time, a coincedence i take it.. the car previously jad a phone fitted the cradle is still there and it has a button for voice activation on steering wheel, which has stopped working too checked fuses they seem ok...
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    How reliable are auto cvt boxes?

    My 07 plate auto CVT has developed a fault when I put the foot down and go over 2500rpm it seems to lose the gears and like it slips I then have to stop car and restart it to clear fault... it's ok can still take car to 100mph once I get past the 60 mark
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    Auto gearbox problem

    Thanks me too
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    Auto gearbox problem

    Hi thanks, No fault codes coming up apart from glow plug fault but that's not causing it. I've had car 2 years and not done it and looks like not been done since 2012 45000 miles ago I'll get it booked in for oil change thanks again
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    Auto gearbox problem

    Hi, I've got a small problem with my 07 A4 Avant 2.0 tdi when I put the foot down and it's changing through the gears when it hits between 40-60 mph it kind of flatlines and it's like it starts slipping revs go up but cars going nowhere I can get past 60 driving at lower revs it's only at high...