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    Streetwise Automotive Bristol

    Hi how was your revo experience at streetwise ? regards nathan
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    Streetwise Automotive Bristol

    Hi, I've gone their for most of my after market fitments for my stage 2+ ed30. im particularly anal about who touches my golf. mitch and the team are excellent. I'm detailing mitch's edition 30 in 2 weeks
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    CostCo deal - this weekend only

    CostCo Bristol have a deal on for this weekend only. - If you purchase 4 michelin tyres they are offering 20% off. The beauty is the deal can be split between 2 people e.g. you and a mate buy 2 each and you both get the discount. 225/40/18 92Y XL Michelin pilot sport 3 are £282 a pair before...
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    DMF doesn't necessarily need replacing as part of a clutch upgrade - my ed30 is a little over 360bhp and the DMF was perfectly fine when I upgraded to a Helix clutch.
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    Wheel Refurb in Bristol any one know anybody good???

    i am in bristol but used a1 wheels in birmingham, the price was better than lepsons, prestige etc but the finish is superb.
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    Spark plug temperature comparisons (6's/7's/8's) - S3 2.0T (8P2)

    Interesting you mention the smoothness, that's exactly the same comment other stage2+ users have mentioned.
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    Spark plug temperature comparisons (6's/7's/8's) - S3 2.0T (8P2)

    An interesting thread warren, I've bought some Denso IK24s (2 grades cooler than standard) on the strength of recommendation from other stage2+ ed30 owners. Car is currently running standard plugs so will be interesting to see if there is a perceived difference.
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    Oil Recommenations for S3

    Why not speak to one of the oil specialists like Opie Oils, VAG stuff is not the be all and end all.
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    Best S3 Cold Air Intake Kit

    I'll second that !
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    Shell V-power

    there was a similar problem here in bristol - we had no v-power for a week. Shell's technical team advised it was caused by routine maintenance at the refinery which took longer to bring back on line than planned.
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    Boring question...tyres?

    Pro tyre are good, their machines ensure no marking of the rims can occur.
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    uprated audi s3 8p clutch

    Speak to rtech power, they can supply both Sachs and Helix. Helix has a greater torque/bph capability. I'm running the latter with no issues.
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    What Exhaust system for S3 ?

    I have the blueflame on my stage2+ ed30. It's a different sound to the milltek but I particularly like the non branded tailpipes plus it has no rear silencer visible from the back of the car unlike the milltek.
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    How many people with stage 2 s3? Or running more than 350bhp

    My ed30 is running stage2+ is running 360bhp+
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    KMD vs Autotech HPFP

    Yup, a KMD, APR or autotech pump/kit is required
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    Advice on S3 Remap - Autograph any good ?

    autograph have been a GIAC dealer for a couple of years.
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    Stage2+ spark plugs

    Looking for feedback from those running stage2+ with cooler spark plugs. Currently I'm considering denso IK24s (supposedly 2 grades cooler than standard) versus the NGK iridum range (1 grade cooler).
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    Braided hoses

    Anyone on here running braided brake hoses, feedback appreciated.
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    Clutch slip

    Not sure if you've seen my thread about the Helix clutch I had fitted on friday on my ed30, but my DMF was perfectly fine so wasn't replaced. The difficulty is you cant really how bad it is till you you take the clutch apart so I guess you need to prepare for the worse just in case...
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    Calling S3 Drivers - How many miles do you get on a full tank?

    By means of comparison, my stage2 ed30 which is just over 360bhp is returning on average 330 to the tank.