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    Re-Map A4 2.0 TFSI Help

    Hello everyone I recently bought a 2006 A4 2TFSi. Great car and great engine. I’ve not done anything much to the yet part from installing my aftermarket double din pioneer system into the car by just reading posts on this forum. Eventually got it done. Lot of companies were trying to make a...
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    Windows Tints

    Hi guys, So I have more or less installed my double din sat nav now. Big thanks to the guys on this. My next project I would like to have done is to have the windows tinted. I have seen a few posts on here where people have done the back windows around 35% tint. Because I have installed a...
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    issue with sat nav location

    hi guys, need bit of help recently bought a pioneer hd1 bt. really like it and it makes it sound really great. dvd playback is quite good. people were charging around 200 for installation and parts and thanks to the guys off here I got the right parts and did it myself. saved about 160...
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    upgrading sysmphany system

    Hi Need some urgent help please. I have ordered a pioneer hd1bt sat nav double din. My car has the cd and tape player, so has the space for the new upgrade. I drive a a4 2006 2.0 T Fsi. I am being charged some crazy prices for fitting part from automobilli who has contacted through this...
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    Installing Double Din Sat Nav

    Hi Everyone First of all thanks to all that helped with my sat nav query. I was going to with the RNS-E but did last min bid for a Pioneer HD1-BT, which i won. Happy with it even though the track name wont display in the DIS but its no biggie. (I currently have the CD/Tape Symphony System)...
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    Which Sat Nav System to Buy

    Hi all, Before i start a bit of background – bought a 2006 Audi 2.0 T FSI S-Line a few days ago and love it. I am pretty useless when it comes to fitting in parts / modding etc but I really want to do a few updates to it. I have been reading on this forum for the last few days and i cannot...