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  1. g3gsb

    Q7 Q7 2007 air suspension relay

    Hi, I'm trying to locate the air suspension relay on my 2007 Q7. Can anyone help me to locate it? I've looked everywhere but with no luck. Thanks in advance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. g3gsb

    Q7 Q7 lower grille part number required

    Hi all, hit a pigeon on the way to work this morning and it's smashed into my lower left grille (driver side) can anyone help with a part number and possibly a place to get one from (not Audi) See pics Thanks
  3. g3gsb

    Q7 Anyone with elsawin that can help with footbrake

    Hi all, I'm after some instructions on how to adjust my footbrake ahead of my MoT this week. It's a q7 2007 If anyone can help I can give more specifics Many thanks in advance G3
  4. g3gsb

    Q7 Any Ideas on what this steering noise is? Q7

    Hi all, anyone advise on what this steering noise is? It comes and goes. Hope the video works Cheers
  5. g3gsb


    Hi all, it's my first post on the forum. I would like to upgrade my MMI on my 2007 Audi Q7. I think it's 2g high but not 100% sure. Here is a pic can someone confirm? I also have this version I would like to update to the latest. I have bought a lead that plugs into my MMI unit in the...