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    Haldex, 2nd Gen, 0448 Static Pump error - resistance question

    Context - I have a 2004 v6 3.2 Quattro, its stuck in FWD and the only error code is 0448 - Static fault on the Clutch pump. I've looked at the control unit and there are holes in the underside, I suspect water could easily have got in and corroded the PSB which makes me inclinded to believe the...
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    8p Haldex issue

    Hi all, I have a 2004 8p 3.2 v6 - mine is stuck in FWD - with an error 0448 Static fault on clutch pump. I'm just working through some of the basics - the control unit pcb looks fine although there is some corrosion on the box so water may have come in. My question though - I cannot for the...
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    Urgent help needed! CV boot & suspension

    morning all, 2004 (8p) 3.2 v6 quattro sport I've just found out that both front CV boots, both front wheel linings, both front console bushes, both rear springs and the rear left shocker need fixing on my car. not all of this but most the garage have warned it will be an MOT fail - which is...
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    Gentle Engine blip on my 3.2 8p

    Hello all, I've had my 2004 A2, 8P13.2 v6 for nearly a year now and I still love it (81k on the clock), I'm barely an amateur DIY in terms of mechanicals but I have an issue with the car that I'd like peoples thoughts on before I take it to a garage - just in terms of checks, maintenance I can...
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    3.2 8p1 Coilovers - advice please.

    Hi, I have a 2004 8p 3.2 8P1 My rear dampners (stock) are shot, I have a budget of around £400 and I'm looking to replace with all-round coilovers. My requirements are not to lower it too much, its a daily drive and only driving is occasionally spirited :) I've heard good things about V-maxx...
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    8PA1 or 8PA2

    Some parts website want me to input whether my 2004 3.2 is 8PA1, or 8PA2, anyone know how i Can find out?
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    A3 Quattro Sport V6 - Suspension setups

    Hi everyone, first post on the site so here goes. I have a 2004 3.2v6 Quattro Sport. The rear dampners are leaking oil and need replacing, my local gargage can replace with OEM for around £250 but it has got me thinking about upgrading to coilovers. I know next to nothing about this but my...