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  1. Dingah from Downundah

    Anyone replaced the battery in their B9 key?

    The batteries in both remotes should be replaced at every warranty service at no charge. Dingah
  2. Dingah from Downundah

    Has Anyone Had Their Satellite View Re-Enabled Via The Audi Update?

    yes - during February service, done for free, no drama and all functionality now returned.
  3. Dingah from Downundah

    Tuning box recommendations for 2.0 tdi

    Only one data point for you but I would use DTUK again if the need arises. Used previously on SQ5 and RSQ3 to achieve very positive performance increases. On the SQ5 the DPF burn off routine occurred more regularly than without but having only used the DTUK for 2 years without an issue I am not...
  4. Dingah from Downundah

    Audi S4 B9 (2017) Stage 2 tune

    I have 440 BHP with APR Stage 1 - IMHO no sane reason to have more power - 3.5sec 0-60. The law of diminishing returns will likely see you spend a small fortune in trying to derive equal or slightly more with potentially unknown results. Dingah
  5. Dingah from Downundah

    Tpms antenne local

    TPMS calculates and monitors rolling radius. Simple, effective solution that works negating the need for an unnecessarily complex alternative. Rather than pretty poor it’s pretty smart befitting the Audi marque. Safe motoring and safe distancing. Dingah
  6. Dingah from Downundah

    2021 Map Update

    Yesterday I found and updated via the 2020/2021 Maps for AUS/NZ. Dingah
  7. Dingah from Downundah

    S4 B9 Stage 1

    Just a quickie to provide a bit more of a complete(dish) picture. Have tried most tuning solution of through an SQ5, RSQ3 and now a B9S4. Before the Audis there were also a range of bespoke and APR tuned Ford and VAG cars.. Have generally gone with DTUK/MTM for the on/off solution and they have...
  8. Dingah from Downundah

    B9 tuning options

    There is so much wrong in that post ........
  9. Dingah from Downundah

    B9 tuning options

    Here in Oz I use 98RON as it is the best quality fuel available here; it does carry a significant at-the-pump cost premium though. For some absurd reason Australia has to endure some of the crapiest fuel qualities of almost any other country; 98RON provides the best chance of minimising the...
  10. Dingah from Downundah

    B9 tuning options

    Maybe I shouldn't have posted that marketing cr*p from their website. No it is not bespoke which is why I prefer it, It is a thoroughly researched and exhaustively engineered solution that is the same for all purchasers. That is why it is safe and that is why you don't spend countless hours...
  11. Dingah from Downundah

    B9 tuning options

    Hey Ben: I hear you mate but those dyno numbers contain great variance unless you base your results on calculating the relative increase in power and assume base power is 260kW. However, even that was in doubt as my 0-100Kph time was slightly better than Audi's advertised. If I look at the...
  12. Dingah from Downundah

    B9 tuning options

    Ben: I have had the APR Stage 1 tune on my B9S4 (V6T) for a couple of months. Verdict - it is sensational as it synchronises the gearbox changes and power/aggression very nicely. Its tractability, overall power, smooth torque and gearbox change synching are all beyond reproach. I did not bother...
  13. Dingah from Downundah

    OEM RS4 Grille on S4 B9

    My earnest advice is don't do it. Having had an RS with the grill you covet and now having an S4 which has a more sensible grill I do not miss the RS grill one little bit. It is extremely difficult to clean and keep clean and I am glad to see the back of it. The other thought is why have bits...
  14. Dingah from Downundah

    Tyre with rim protection?

    The last set before the Dunlops were Conti 6 but only the Dunlops have done the job for me. That's real World experience. Dingah
  15. Dingah from Downundah

    B9 S4 (Petrol) to ‘similar’ spec B9 RS4....worth the spend ?

    Speaking from own experience, the V6T B9 S4 with APR Stage 1 is awesome in all respects and absolutely no RS itch happening likely to. The other points to consider about RS model series are it's about being able to afford to own one and not being able to afford to buy one. Nice as they are and...
  16. Dingah from Downundah

    Tyre with rim protection?

    Tried the usual array of suspects PZero, Hankook, Michelin and Conti. The current Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT have proven the winners. All the major brands provide more than adequate handling characteristics unless rallying in the Welsh Hills or tracking. The Dunlops not inly handles really nicely -...
  17. Dingah from Downundah

    Another VAG with obscure tyre choices!

    In the 18 months i have had my B9 S4 V6T I have swapped out four sets of tyres just trying to find something that I like as opposed to something that the 'social media driven auto lemmings' believe is best. The car came from Germany fitted with Hankooks (245/35/19) since then I have tried...
  18. Dingah from Downundah

    35/ 40 TFSI MPG

    In some contrast to the tweed hat wearers surely any real real petrol head (aka motoring enthusiast) would purchase a European sporting sedan to enjoy its performance and handling. Therein the fuel consumption is what it is. Turning hydrocarbons into happiness is one of the few pleasures...
  19. Dingah from Downundah

    B9 A4/S4 Reviews

    Depending on which engine it has it is likely to be a far superior car to a VW Golf7. I recall a brief test drive in a Wolfsburg Mk7 R waggon when I was considering moving to that from an Audi SQ5 and, having already paid a deposit on the VW I thought I was committed. After 20 mins I came back...
  20. Dingah from Downundah

    Lag - Delay - Hesitation

    If you were driving a manual would you roll into it in top gear? I suspect the answer is no. Approaching such situations is it too hard to paddle down a couple of gears or to select Sport mode? That said I find the V6 S4 has no such issue - perhaps the DTUK ECU relationship may have some impact...