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  1. Drewvic

    exhaust diameter urgent

    hi people I was wondering if someone could help me with what the diameter of a tt 240 exhaust is in mm many thanks
  2. Drewvic

    Exhaust diametre help URGENT

    So peeps can anyone help I need exhaust diameters in mm Of an audi a3 1.8tqs And an s3 Both need in mm and need the outside diameter bot internal Help if much appreciated
  3. Drewvic

    exhaust help for the weekend please

    anthing will do lads and lasses I know there is a part that fits around the mid section of exhaust
  4. Drewvic

    exhaust help for the weekend please

    hi ther im having some issues with sag in the middle section of my exhaust where it joins, I have seen somewhere that someone fitted a bracket around theis section but I cant for the life of me find the post so I would be very greatful of any pictures part numbers prices if anyone can help I...
  5. Drewvic

    AY02L** outside a coop in Scarborough

    Hello cjs that would be my motor lol
  6. Drewvic

    Spotters thread for A3/S3 8L chassis

    Well apparently we have had our car spotted today in scarborough lad was in black s3 anyone????
  7. Drewvic

    ignition live help

    hi to all, hope your all having a good start to the new year well I im at the point now where im ready to fit a little xmas prezzie I was bought, a digital boost gauge im not sure I like it thining at some point a will probably swap for one with a needle but for now to show im grateful lol im...
  8. Drewvic

    not sure if belongs here but need a rant

    well im not sure if this belongs in this section but I really need a rant after what is now 5 weeks of holding parts for a guy on here, generally nice guy already sold him a turbo and sent to him and very happy, he is now ****** ignoring my messages, I could of ****** sold these parts 10 times...
  9. Drewvic

    New turbo.

    where you ffrom temp
  10. Drewvic

    Urgent door help

    Hi everyone om havimg a door issue The drivers door over the past two days has started catching on the wing and its getting worse making a loud clunk as it catches and starting to ben the door does anyone have any idea why this may happen and how to resolve beforenit causes anymore damage please
  11. Drewvic

    Must do modifications for K03/K03s AGU and AUM engines FWD cars

    got you thanks very much for that prawn big help
  12. Drewvic

    Must do modifications for K03/K03s AGU and AUM engines FWD cars

    thanks prawn but what does obd 2 stand for sorry im no good with that kinda jargan lol,
  13. Drewvic

    Must do modifications for K03/K03s AGU and AUM engines FWD cars

    Klappe I am working my way through your write and have to say its excellent you maybe blunt and to the point but your thread is excellent and easy to follow, im at the vr6 maf point and wonder if you could tell me what this is off as I have looked and there is a lot of different ones thanks and...
  14. Drewvic

    Remapping aftermath

    how do you know what type of valve you are on I don't understand the f type thing??? yeah link to it would be great mate
  15. Drewvic

    Remapping aftermath

    hi dan I did the smoke test myself with a mechanic friend of mine the kits are really easy to get hold of or make yourself, was the n75 that you ordered and genuine part and was it brand new??? as for other peoples replys, as im having the exact same issue as dan, I have done smoke test I have...
  16. Drewvic

    Remapping aftermath

    This is exactly the same ossues om havomg with my car after a remap all the same problems now ive gone through most things done smoke test all ok only thing ive not done is the n75 now desertstorm what the smart valve you are relating to?
  17. Drewvic

    Airvent boost pod

    thankyou very much lavis, my boos guage is actually quite good don't have to run vac hose through, it has a part that sits in the engine and then the guage in the car and sends a signal to it don't know how that will be but testing and time will tell I suppose lol
  18. Drewvic

    Airvent boost pod

    lavis what do you mean by lower part of dash???
  19. Drewvic

    mark_S3 Progress Thread

    oooooooo I fancy some of those tue arms aswell for mine as the camber is out but money at the mo yeah im on facebook mate
  20. Drewvic

    How much does a 1.8T break for?

    if you come across anymore like that mate let me know I will drive and collect them