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  1. Phil's Barber

    New battery needed?

    All built around Q2 2017 too.
  2. Phil's Barber

    New battery needed?

    My story is up thread, 3.0TDI delivered 6/17. Battery replaced. I dropped it straight to the dealers, unannounced, and was in a replacement Q5 supplied by Enterprise via Audi UK, within three hours. They also repaired a slow puncture free of charge. I couldn't really fault the service.
  3. Phil's Barber

    New battery needed?

    Haad my battery replaced three weeks ago. 17 months old. It started playing up in September. AA out twice in that time. Last straw was after a 50 mile run, stopped for fuel and wouldn't turn over. Very similar circumstances.
  4. Phil's Barber

    Errors after flat battery.

    Has anyone experienced this before. Since the AA jumped it yesterday, I am getting child lock errors and my dial needles are incorrect. With the ignition off, the dials dont return all the way to the six o'clock position and both are reading wrong when driving. So the speedo shows 40mph but...
  5. Phil's Barber

    Non Virtual Cockpit

    Late reply here. The same thing happened to me. It took me a few months to make the connection, but yes, enabling nav map on dash kills google maps on display. I rolled the change back out in the end. In fact the street view is far more useful when navigating in my opinion.
  6. Phil's Barber

    Football Special

    I wonder if this particular feature will still be working on our cars tomorrow??
  7. Phil's Barber

    All Coding Tweaks Document....

    Not correct. I activated Lane Assist on my Allroad with Obdeleven. No radars required.
  8. Phil's Barber

    Campaign 66I9

    Nothing for my MY18 A4 Allroad.
  9. Phil's Barber

    Grinding noise on engine switch off

    Sounds like the steering lock engaging. Mine is quite noisey too.
  10. Phil's Barber

    Fuel economy

    I've had my Allroad 3.0TDI 218 for about 5 weeks and 1400 miles now. I made 54mpg on a 160 mile round trip. I am really impressed with this and expect it to improve further. I am surprised that it is significantly better than the Mk7 GTD DSG I had before.
  11. Phil's Barber

    VCDS Modifications

    I found it pretty straight forward following the walk-through steps others have posted.
  12. Phil's Barber

    V Spoke diamond cut alloy repair

    I really don't think you'll be charged for that. Handed back my lease GTD with similar damage to one alloy acouple of weeks ago. Had a long chat with the BCA rep who inspected it, and he said the damage would need to be much greater for any charges to be made. Leave it.
  13. Phil's Barber

    VCDS Modifications

    Obdeleven is the cheapest way to do it yourself. About 55 quid with the licence. (PRO)
  14. Phil's Barber

    S4 seats

    The earth moving maybe?
  15. Phil's Barber

    yourAudi - Track New Car Order

    I saw a van reverse into one just like that at Driftbridge Audi this evening.
  16. Phil's Barber

    Non Virtual Cockpit

    See below. You will need Obdeleven and an android phone/device to do this. The above text/process looks confusing, but once you have it on a screen in front of you, it's not that complex. I would hold on and see how yours comes out of the factory though. It does seem a bit hit and miss as to...
  17. Phil's Barber

    Non Virtual Cockpit

    Cracked it. The process in the link I posted yesterday works. You just need to switch off the car completely and post obsessively about it on this forum for hours. Then go back to the car and it works.
  18. Phil's Barber

    Non Virtual Cockpit

    I will keep trying with Obdeleven until I get there. The Nav and MMI are great. MMI is really responsive and very intuitive. The nav is miles better than the VW Discover system I had previously. Google maps display drops out from time to time but I think this is down to the bandwidth...
  19. Phil's Barber

    Non Virtual Cockpit

    Dont know. My car doesn't have the option in the menus. I have multi-function high steering wheel, colour DIS and SD nav. The manual implies that some cars have the ability to show map view in the colour DIS and some cars the street view in the colour DIS.
  20. Phil's Barber

    Non Virtual Cockpit

    Sorry, yes I meant couldn't.