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    Wanted Audi S4 Avant B9 Petrol

    Congratulations. You will love it
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    Wanted Audi S4 Avant B9 Petrol

    I have a 17 plate Daytona S4 - 38000 miles . excellent condition - smoke free full audi service history has quite a lot of your must haves (all i think) so black piano trim virtual cockpit flat bottom steering wheel bang and olufsen 3d sound system (which is amazing) Audi phone box with...
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    3 years with my s4

    mine is coming up to 3 years as well - S4 and i refuse to get a diesel S4 - the M340i is probably going to be my next car
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    Google Earth/Satellite Maps

    does anyone have an email address for audi digital i have a 2017 model with cockpit display so assume it can be upgraded. I miss not having the maps
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    spark plug replacement at 33000 miles or wait

    my S4 is now with an independent going through a service - they asked whether i wanted the spark plugs changed - due at 40,000 is there any benefit to getting them done now etc or should i wait. the immediate benefit is one less visit to the garage i assume.
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    does having a service done by independent garage effect resale

    My audi S4 is now out of warranty and was thinking of using a local independent specialized Audi garage which has great reviews. would this however hurt the resale value down the road when i come to sell the car. hence should i stick with the main dealer for all servicing etc
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    what does a standard inspection service entail

    this has now popped up on my display i do not need oil or brake pads etc my warranty has also now expired so just wondering do people continue to use their main audi dealer or do they now look elsewhere
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    heads up on Falken Azenis FK510 - damm good

    Nope they felt the same as when I had new ps4
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    heads up on Falken Azenis FK510 - damm good

    Just had my suspension replaced under warranty and whilst there the technician noted that my front 2 pilot4 s tyres were just about road legal which came as a massive shock as i only had them in January 2019. Back 2 had a couple of MM left. spoke to dealer who offered me a choice of the usual...
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    Driving with leaking shock absorber

    In this weather I tend to take it easy anyway
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    Driving with leaking shock absorber

    Took my car s4 into audi for a oil change and they spotted leaking rear shock. They will replace under warranty but can't get it repaired for another week. Is a car safe to drive with a leaking shock. I have not noticed any issues with stability etc
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    New Facelift S4 (with Photos)

    its actually worse than i expected. why bother with the fake exhausts. i would feel quite embarrassed as most keen drivers will know those exhausts are fake. Its like the M sport bwm vehicle owners who stick a fake M badge on their cars. the move to touch screen is a big no no in my...
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    Leather seat has popped out

    no problems with my s4 - take it to dealer
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    Asking for a like for like courtesy car?

    had a A1 and A3 from audi. however audi ensurance was far more generous as they loaned me a brand new porshe cayman s for a few days when they did some body work repairs.
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    Audi Pre Sense fault

    It happened due to your son not paying attention. Pre sense can't defeat basic physics of braking.
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    B9 Audi Sound System vs B&O

    its a night and day difference to me as well. When i had a courtesy A3 last month the difference getting back into my S4 was night and day. I often drive my wifes Peugeot and often think that the speakers must be broken on it.
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    Decisions, decisions...

    strange but to me the interior of the Mercedes still looks older than the older Audi class vehicles.
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    New MY2020 Facelift...

    its a step backwards losing the rotary dial in my opinion. I hate touch screens in cars. Its good news for older S4 owners though as the new interior is hardly changed at all (not surprising as the old style interior is still very fresh). also some drivers will refuse to buy a diesel s4 and may...
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    Words can’t ...

    i would also use audi ensurance. Someone hit my stationary car (minor damage) and i spoke to the Defendants insurance. They admitted fault but refused to allow me to use an audi approved repair dealer. They wanted to use a local repair chain which has terrible reviews. I contacted audi ensure...