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  1. Stonefish

    Retrofit Dab To Mmi 3g System In An B8

    I've used the Audi VW Specialist Centre in Harrow.
  2. Stonefish

    Sat nav lost

    Green menu needs to be activated. You can use VCDS, VCP and possibly Carista. There is also a script that can be loaded on an SD card.
  3. Stonefish

    Sat nav lost

    That connector is correct. Most of these gps units are magnetic and there is a very convenient metal bar behind the MMI screen to attach it to. Worth just plugging in the new gps module before you try to remove any trim to see if that is the culprit.
  4. Stonefish

    Help Please Car doesn't release fob

    Like Cashutt, I had compacted dust in the slots in the key fob which caused mine to stick. Used a toothpick to clean it.
  5. Stonefish

    Help Please Audi car alarm siren keeps going off randomly

    8k0 951 177 is the movement sensor module.
  6. Stonefish

    Testing antenna via VCDS?

    I don't think they are clever enough to re-tune. Also there is an option that the radio will switch to FM if the DAB signal is not very good. In the case of BBC Radio 2 etc this switch is quite seamless.
  7. Stonefish

    Testing antenna via VCDS?

    Have you tried a re-tune?
  8. Stonefish

    Testing antenna via VCDS?

    I think if you use the Green Engineering menu there is a bit that gives you signal strengths for different radio channels. I used it a few years back when my DAB went crappy.
  9. Stonefish

    Wireless phone charging

    I think the charging station is just for use at home and not in the car. The wireless charging case is most likely used in the Audi phone box 8W0 864 981D??
  10. Stonefish

    Help Please Audi car alarm siren keeps going off randomly

    My sisters TT had a similar problem which was eventually tracked down to the alarm back up battery being corroded. Before I reached that conclusion I first disconnected the motion sensor in the over head console (with the reading lights etc). Waited to see if the alarm triggered. This didn't...
  11. Stonefish

    Help Please Audi car alarm siren keeps going off randomly

    I think if you press the button on the keyfob twice the deadlocks lock, but the alarm is off. If someone could confirm this??
  12. Stonefish

    Please drain off oil message

    It's worth buying a dipstick. A few years back my electronic oil gauge said my level was low so I topped it up. Three weeks later it said it was overfilled. I ended up using a large syringe and some tubing to remove the excess oil from the dipstick hole. What a faff. I bought my dipstick from...
  13. Stonefish

    Dab conversion

    I realise that:wink: as I did consider doing the concert DAB upgrade myself but finally went for the full MMI 3G+ retrofit. On reflection I wish I went for the easier option and maybe an aftermarket screen with Android Auto.
  14. Stonefish

    Dab conversion

    You will need to get a DAB amplifier module which will be mounted on the drivers side C pillar plus a fakra cable (I think about 5m). Not sure what you mean by tuner module?? The concert radio has the tuner in-built. MMI systems have a separate radio module.
  15. Stonefish

    Massive battery drain (!)

    I believe the biggest killers of B&O amps in sedans is water leaks from the boot lid. Water getting in through the light seals. When the boot is opened the water goes down the boot supports and drenches the amp. I'll be listing some parts in the classifieds in a few weeks and I've got a 8T0 035...
  16. Stonefish

    Audi MMi Bluetooth noise

    If you try it with a different mobile type. If you have an android then try an iPhone and it is still **** then it could be the microphone. The microphones can go, but very rare. Quite easy to replace. In the sun glasses holder is a single torx screw. The overhead console will drop down. Not...
  17. Stonefish

    Audi MMi Bluetooth noise

    Have you tried a different phone? This with tell you if it could be the Bluetooth software on the phone that's the issue. My dad had to roll back his android software from 9 to 8 to cure his very crackly calls. Other causes could be the firmware of the main unit might need updating? If these...
  18. Stonefish

    Audi Concert to mmi 3g basic

    There's a lot of work and money converting from concert to MMI 3G. There are quite a few threads on here on how to do it. I've done the concert to MMI 3G+ because I like doing retrofit stuff as a hobby. If I was to do it again I would probably go for a concert/symphony with DAB (sounds good...
  19. Stonefish

    Help Please Audi A4 b8 2.7 TDI 2008 Poor starting when cold

    04984 - Cylinder 1 Glow Plug Circuit (Q10) 04986 - Cylinder 3 Glow Plug Circuit (Q12) Looks like glow plugs, relay or wiring problems. The original posters replies would suggest relay issues.
  20. Stonefish

    A5 mmi surround

    The shape of the instrument clusters are slightly different between the A4 and A5 so won't fit.