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  1. Rayner_1704

    Sportback Is stage 2 worth it?

    Iv a prefacelift tuned stage one by Rick at unicorn, just secondary decat and intake pipe, running 420 and 450ft/lb Is it worth the money to buy Down pipe and intercooler for the noticeable gains you get back? I will most likely never track the car. I know these suffer with out an intercooler...
  2. Rayner_1704

    Sportback Help needed with tyre sizes

    looking to get some new alloys and a friend is selling his brand new alloys as he’s decided to sell up. His car is rwd and the tyres on it are 35 profile front but 30 profile on rear, I assume this would cause problems on the rs3 with it been 4wd ? Thanks
  3. Rayner_1704

    Standard pfl wheels powder coated

    Has anyone had their standard rotor alloys just fully powdercoted? Iv a nardo with black back and alloys could do with a refurb and I really like the all black wheel, just wanting to see one before making the decision of that or getting them machined Thanks
  4. Rayner_1704

    Sportback First mot, secondary decat?

    Hi does anyone know if the car will pass it’s first mot with secondary decats in? Thanks
  5. Rayner_1704

    Sportback Proram intake £300

    anyone seen this new intake? Came across it on eBay £300 if your after just noise I’d say it’s worth a go
  6. Rayner_1704

    Difference between 8p and 8v intakes

    Hi as above I’m wanting to know what the main differences are between the 8p and 8v induction kits are I hear they are different and won’t fit? I’m wanting a new intake for my 8v but purely for noise and I can’t justify £1000+ for some intake noise. Wondering if you could modify an 8p...
  7. Rayner_1704

    cracked discs help

    Has anyone experienced the front disks cracking where they are drilled before? It has them full way round the disk See pic
  8. Rayner_1704

    Anyone have a splitter fitter

    Hi Anyone have a splitter fitted and have pictures thinking of getting a macron designs one
  9. Rayner_1704

    LED interior and puddle lights retro fit help

    Hi everyone, Up on getting my RS3 I was disappointed that it didn’t come with led interior lighting has anyone retro fitted it ? And can push me in the direction of where to buy? Also on my old 2017 S3 it had Audi puddle lights and lit door sills and footwell lighting does anyone know if this...
  10. Rayner_1704

    Gearbox 1st to 2nd jolt

    Noticed tonight when I floored it changing from 1st to 2nd at about 5/6k into second it massively jolted that was in sport and then fully off and still did it. One time it also just stayed on the limiter and took a while to change up? Has anyone had this issue car only has 20k miles Any help is...
  11. Rayner_1704

    Under 25 yo insurance

    Hi question to the folk who are under 25 who do you get insured with and what are you paying ? Thanks
  12. Rayner_1704

    Time to say goodbye

    Well after 2 years with an s3 8p and 12months with an FL 8v it’s time to move on, just purchased an 2016 RS3 in Nardo grey. Big thank you to anyone who’s helped and given advise, muchly appreciated.
  13. Rayner_1704

    Difference between 2015/2016 model

    Hi just wanted to know if there was any variation between the 2015 and 2016 model RS3 ?
  14. Rayner_1704

    Sourcing RS sport exhaust help

    Saw on a post that someone in here can source RS sport exhausts and for the life of me I can not find the post, any heads up is appropriate thanks
  15. Rayner_1704

    FL S3 to PFL RS3 anyone?

    Hello new to this section Iv got a 2017 S3 just wanting to know if anyone has moved from a facelift or pre S3 to an RS3? Any pros and cons or doing so ? Also I’ve noticed the secondary cat removal is popular if this is done will it still pass MOT?
  16. Rayner_1704

    Yokohama AD08

    Anyone running Yokohama ad08 tyres or semis on their car? Just ordered the yokos and wondering what people’s thoughts are thanks
  17. Rayner_1704

    Tyre size help please

    okay so I have just got some 19inch Audi rotor wheels on my car they are 8.5 wide and et43 and currently have 255/35/19 tyres on. Not because my S3 FL is lowered it’s scrubbing when I go over bumps or dips etc Could I get away with maybe a 235 or245 tyre without it looking like Iv stretched...
  18. Rayner_1704

    Facelift Aftermarket catbacks

    I currently have a res delete on my S3 but after hearing a valved armytrix cat-back in comparison I want one. Army trix is a no go because of ridiculous prices. Has anyone got a cat back and could recommend one purely for sound really
  19. Rayner_1704

    Facelift photoshop wizards I need help

    Anyone on here a photoshop wizard and could do me a favour ? I want to see what my alloys look like in the following colours Silver Bronze Gloss black Gloss gun metal Thank you
  20. Rayner_1704

    Facelift Wheel off set help

    hi everyone as the title says I need some advice with wheel off set, over got a 2017 sport back S3 and I'm wanting to replace the alloys with 19" Audi rotors from an A5/TTRS as they have more concave. The ones I have seen are 19x8.5. Et 25 Will it be possible to fit these? I'm also lowered...