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  1. petetheprop

    Found A4 DTM alloys

    I have a set on ebay at the minute, set of 5, the cheapest ones on there bar the knackered set at £225
  2. petetheprop

    Wanted B7 Convertible

    I'm guessing you wouldn't be interested in a 4.2 either then?
  3. petetheprop

    S4 flywheel and clutch confusion

    Not sure if anyone can help or suggest where to look. I've got a uk 2006 b7 s4 with the bbk 4.2 v8. I'm looking at a lightweight flywheel but it has come from a UK b6 s4 with the bbk v8. According to the internet the clutch plates and flywheel changed from b6 s4 to b7 s4 and they are not...
  4. petetheprop

    Post your B7 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    Rs4 b7 grill for sale in the classifieds section
  5. petetheprop

    For Sale Rs4 b7 front grill

    As new front grill for RS4 b7. Fitted with a good condition chrome surround ring. £400 Collection from Didcot in Oxfordshire or I will post but costs will be relatively high due to the insurance value.
  6. petetheprop

    3.2 FSI Cab with Turbo?

    The b7 S4 is not turbo charged, it is non fsi v8 with about 340bhp as standard. The v8 could be turbo'd as it is lower compression than the v6 however there is very little space in the b7 engine bay with the v8 fitted. there are supercharger kits available for the v8 but they are very...
  7. petetheprop

    3.2 FSI Cab with Turbo?

    Yep with prices as they are now the cheapest option for more power is upgrade to the s4 or a modified 2l turbo or the rs4 probably in that order of cost and power.
  8. petetheprop

    3.2 FSI Cab with Turbo?

    The 3.2 in the r32 is a totally different engine derived from the earlier vr6 the a4 auk v6 is more like the fsi v8 in the s5 but with less cylinders. Whilst turboing is always possible it's not a straightforward job on the auk engine due to the high compression level 12.5:1 with most turbo...
  9. petetheprop

    For Sale 2006 S4 convertible b7 4.2v8 manual car and spares

    Final bump before I put it away for the winter.
  10. petetheprop

    Improving A4 b7 cab rear end

    Interesting, in which case ignore my earlier comments Vin, there are loads of other aftermarket options then depending on your taste.
  11. petetheprop

    Improving A4 b7 cab rear end

    I don't think they fit, the rear bumpers are different between cab and saloon/avant and the valance/diffuser is a different shape kthr saloon one doesnt have the pronouced lip shape around the pipes)
  12. petetheprop

    Improving A4 b7 cab rear end

    There was a guy on ebay, arcadeblaster I think was his user name he specialises in s4 however the b7 s4 cabs are fairly rare so finding the rear spoiler undamaged is fairly tricky, I looked for 3 years before I upgraded to an actual s4. Having just looked I can't seem to find him anymore.
  13. petetheprop

    Improving A4 b7 cab rear end

    Yep the s4 cab rear diffuser is different to the saloon and avant (which are much cheaper) The easiest option for quad pipes is probably a second hand system from an s4. It should be an easy swap with your existing dual system. Or there are aftermarket systems like the milltek. I believe some...
  14. petetheprop

    Improving A4 b7 cab rear end

    It is a standard genuine b7 s4 cab rear diffuser about £200 From Audi and should just clip in, however you'll need quad exit pipes or it will look odd. Badges will come off with a little heat from hair drier or heat gun on very low, use dental floss to ease behind and cut through the softened...
  15. petetheprop

    S4 Cabriolet exhaust

    I have had two milltek exhausts, the dual exit b6 s4 version and the b7 quad pipe version. I have no issues with the quality of either, the early design clamps were rubbish but i replaced them anyway, the later clamps are better. I have both resonated and non resonated versions and neither are...
  16. petetheprop

    Post your B7 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    My S4 convertible up for sale in the classifieds and eBay
  17. petetheprop

    For Sale 2006 S4 convertible b7 4.2v8 manual car and spares

    Currently listed on eBay. Item 8k car 10k car plus everything else 11k including private plate. Change in circumstances means my S4 cab is up for sale along with all the extras and upgrades I have...
  18. petetheprop

    '09 A4 Roof Intermittently Stops Part-way

    I had similar issues on my old a4 cab, removing the motor and cleaning the brushes is a good start. Ideally you need to read the error codes with vcds vagcom software, that should point you to the sensor that is failing. For me it was the hood position sensor g356 which is a rotary switch on...
  19. petetheprop

    S4 B7 Cab auto - best exhaust / advice

    Hi Rob I don't have any experience with the automatic box so can't comment on that however I have an s4 cab with the milltek non res system fitted (standard cats and downpipes) The milltek definitely makes a difference compared to standard, if you pm me your email I can send you a before and...