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  1. mitch78

    bigger nozzles for the 2.5 TDI V6, at last useful info !!!

    I'm a bit confused here too. I'm planning to swap to a bigger turbo than standard, and trying to find out what will work in my BFC. (And like Shkin, I'm happy to swap whatever part are required, just need to know which). Any help would be appreciated.
  2. mitch78

    FWD Avant - what are my options for anti roll bars?

    I'd love the Hotchkis set, but I don't know if a quattro rear ARB will fit a FWD car.
  3. mitch78

    FWD Avant - what are my options for anti roll bars?

    As the title really. What anti roll bars would fit?
  4. mitch78

    My 6yr old daughter's friend is seriously ill, so I'm doing this to help...

    Hi everyone! I'm planning to do a 10k run with a difference, to help raise money for one of my daughter's friends, who is suffering with neuroblastoma. Please take the time to follow the link and read the info on my JustGiving page, and donate whatever you feel you can afford, every penny...
  5. mitch78

    What do you do for a job?

    I'm a photographer.
  6. mitch78

    Hi Everyone!

    I don't think you can really call me a newbie, but I've been away for a while and thought it was about time I sorted that out. :superman:
  7. mitch78

    Leaving car garaged for a few months - advice needed

    It depends what kind of garage you're leaving it in; what colour the door is; the postcode of the garage; the type of lock on the door; whether there's anyone within sight of it at all times; etc... I'd love to help, but it simply isn't a question that can be answered without giving us a lot...
  8. mitch78, any1 paid £30 to become a member??

    :laugh: No way you'd get me paying for it!
  9. mitch78

    free pressure testers!

    Nope, never turned up.
  10. mitch78

    Royal Wedding Day!

    I'll be going to a party for it. Being in the wedding industry it'd be pretty hypocritical not to, and it all helps business. :laugh:
  11. mitch78


    All I can say, is fishcakes.
  12. mitch78


    You had to be in that thread to understand why that's there. ;)
  13. mitch78


    Seriously? People are actually bothered about the number of thanks they have?
  14. mitch78

    Thought I'd try something different.

    Nice photos, but there was no need to cut your ****** doors off!! ;)
  15. mitch78

    Range Rover Evoque

    Not as mean as the old what?
  16. mitch78

    Creating a website for a business

    Try good service and cheap prices. We've used them for various things, for about 10 years without any issues.
  17. mitch78

    Why did you choose the username you did?

    He told you his name's Jason, I guess you've never seen Friday the 13th (or your own username come to think of it)?
  18. mitch78

    Facebook login

    Great addition! Not sure I'll use it myself, with my keychain doing the work for me, but I can see the benefit. Are you sure you don't want to rephrase that? ;)
  19. mitch78


    Me too