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  1. Antjos1

    S4 b9 wheel nut covers

    Hi thanks for your reply. I have ordered a set from my local audi dealer. I didn't want to risk getting them from ebay or amazon and not the right ones. The set cost £25. I collect them this afternoon. But much appreciated your kind offer .
  2. Antjos1

    S4 b9 wheel nut covers

    Hi all can anyone tell me where to purchase some wheel nut covers. Much appreciated.
  3. Antjos1

    3 years with my s4

    Hi all Nearly 3years with my 2018 navara blue s4 b9 saloon. Loved every minute of it. With the new s4 now a diesel I will be looking for a another make. Came across this beast I have had bmw 3series before but were rear wheel drive 330i and 328i. Both nice cars but the s4 is a different class...
  4. Antjos1

    Extended warranty

    Hi all My Audi warranty ends June 2021. Thinking of keeping for another year, can anybody recommend a company or is Audi warranty any good. Thanks for any replies.
  5. Antjos1

    Facelift Leaving the forum

    A lovely all round car the S4 been great. Just browsing and saw the MB went to see it had a drive and thought it was really nice. The interior is just stunning. The overall appearance of the car is excellent. So why not.
  6. Antjos1

    Facelift Leaving the forum

    Hi all been on the audi forum for the S3 8v and now the S4 b9. But I have decided to purchase this car. Thanks to everyone who has been very helpful.
  7. Antjos1

    Thinking of moving to one of these.

    Hi had the S4 for 8 months now and getting itchy feet for a nice SUV. It's not that I don't like the S4 its a lovely car, Now I am in my late sixties I haven't had a SUV so it might be better for me and the missus...
  8. Antjos1

    Facelift S3 damaged by a falling..............Sofa!!!

    I was . Didn't realise that about the sofa. lol
  9. Antjos1

    Obd 11

    Dont have the folding mirrors.
  10. Antjos1

    Obd 11

    Hi all I am thinking of purchasing obd 11 . Would this be able to switch dipping mirror on when I put the car in reverse. I wouldn't want to waste money if it won't do this. Cheers for any replies.
  11. Antjos1


    Much appreciated.
  12. Antjos1


    Hi all. I have the 2018 s4 b9 saloon car is the Bhp 354 or 349. Cheers for any replies.
  13. Antjos1

    Wanted to show off my new toy, still got my S3

    Smashing motor Lovely colour .
  14. Antjos1

    Wash windscreen only

    How do you know if I have headlight washers.
  15. Antjos1


    Much appreciated .
  16. Antjos1


    Hi my car is 2018 b9 petrol s4. And thanks for your reply.
  17. Antjos1


    Hi all Had the car warming up today and went to shut the garage door and noticed that there was only the drivers side exhaust pipe had fumes coming from them, is this the norm. Cheers
  18. Antjos1

    Obd eleven

    Hi all Anyone on the forum used OBDeleven on your car and if you have would you recommend it. Cheers