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  1. Paul Golding

    White A4 - Black Roof Ariel, Why?!

    Looks like that's it. On the configurator, even a Technik in any colour has the black aerial and grill bars. Not sure why Audi would do this.
  2. Paul Golding

    White A4 - Black Roof Ariel, Why?!

    Because it's a black edition, though to be fair, your user pic isn't so who knows. On the configurator, all trim levels look like they have black grill bars and roof ariel
  3. Paul Golding

    Avant Black Edition...what next?

    I've got a year or so before I need to do something and really have little enthusiasm for anything out there. My son just collect an F-Pace which I must admit is very nice and could well be my choice, if I wanted one of those SUV kind of cars. Which I don't. Seeing the new S3 saloon (when...
  4. Paul Golding

    Audi Ensurance - brilliant free service

    Audi Ensurance will provide you with what looks to be a much nicer car, at a horrific cost...… the 3rd party insurer. BUT, having experience of something similar in the past, it'll be you that signs all the rental documents accepting the rental charge etc, so if for any reason it's not 100%...
  5. Paul Golding

    Service Due - Or Is It?

    After all this time, I still choke every time I read this :tearsofjoy:
  6. Paul Golding

    Service Due - Or Is It?

    Count yourself lucky then. I do 6/7k and the car is just over 2 years old and asking for it's second oil change service for which the dealer quotes £300+. Reminds me, I need to book it in. On the subject of using an indy, when I queried this with the dealer, they said it was no problem in...
  7. Paul Golding

    Which A4 ?

    I agree with @jds_sg. Just adding my wife (who will never drive my car) cuts the cost by hundreds. Funnily enough, also with LV for a second year as well, though sadly not for as low as £258 but well below £400 with business use, street parking at work and home and including protected bonus.
  8. Paul Golding

    Audi Ensurance - brilliant free service

    Sadly not impressed so far. I had a call from Performance Car Specialists about the loan car, but they didn't want to talk further without the repair being booked. Then, 2 days after notifying Ensurance, a call from their repairer who wanted to book me in for the 8th......of January! On...
  9. Paul Golding

    Audi Ensurance - brilliant free service

    Parked in the street near my office. I went out yesterday afternoon and saw a note on the windscreen saying "sorry, backed into you" with just a phone number. I looked at the bumper and saw a small scuff (to be honest, I think that's just a smudge in the dirt) and thought "why bother leaving a...
  10. Paul Golding

    Audi Ensurance - brilliant free service

    Just starting the process of having to use Ensurance and I can't help thinking this could get expensive for someone. Sorry about offensive lack of shine @cuke2u
  11. Paul Golding

    Buying advice needed please

    I'd look around some more Chris. A 2 year old £15k car on pcp at £230 pm! Mines £256 pm on pcp from new with a guaranteed value after 4 years equal to the price of the car you're looking at.
  12. Paul Golding

    New MY2020 Facelift...

    I'd say much less than + 6 weeks. It tends to built within a week, say a week for the train to the port and the boat ride and maybe a week for moving to the dealer and a few days for them to do their bit. Well that was mine anyway, panel shop 02/11 and collected 27/11. Of course, that assumes...
  13. Paul Golding

    A4 avant 40tfsi review

    Surprised about the fuel economy comment. My long term average, of close to 90% urban driving is 30 which compares to my previous 2.0tfsi B7 that showed 23. Outside of town is where it really shines though. 200 odd miles of A (single and dual), B and single lane country roads yesterday gave...
  14. Paul Golding

    Audi Pre Sense fault

    I suppose a couple of thoughts would be that firstly it's supposed to help avoid an accident, and plenty of people here have seen it work as advertised, but not to replace what the driver should be doing anyway i.e. not to be relied upon. Another point would be that if your son was braking...
  15. Paul Golding

    Audi Pre Sense fault

    I must admit I assumed pre-sense "city" would only work at slow speeds, primarily to help avoid hitting the odd pedestrian that walks in front of you whilst looking at their phone with earphones on. Until last week, (and thanks to seeing a post ages ago by Cuke2u, I have set to "late") I'd only...
  16. Paul Golding

    Tried my First Launch control today

    I could be wrong, but don't we also have to turn off anti-skid/traction control too? Well that's what I'd read and tried and can only say it's a very noisy/tyre wearing experience with the 190 i.e. 2wd. Pretty sure it's also a lot slower than just selecting "S" and planting your right foot.
  17. Paul Golding

    Company Car (A4) or take the money and run...

    And then you claim the shortfall to 45p per mile via self assessment.
  18. Paul Golding

    New MY2020 Facelift...

    That looks nice and could be my next car, especially if the interior is more like the A4. Like you, I really don't need the size of the A4, so the a better A3, or of course the CLA, are definitely contenders. That said, I'm happy with the A4 and may well end up keeping it anyway.
  19. Paul Golding

    Decisions, decisions...

    Also worth bearing in mind (if you have a WBAC nearby), when you take the car in for a proper (as opposed to online) valuation, they seem to be easy to negotiate upwards.
  20. Paul Golding

    MyAudi - Update your Pin...

    The phone app didn't mention it, but the web based version did. Luckily (or stupidly), I try and use one of 3 PINs, so trial and error worked for me.