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    S3 loose front fog grill

    Just a quick update, just had the car detailed and the detailer let me know the entire front end of car had a respray so it was probably installed wrong after the bumper was removed to paint. Got an Audi tech to remove the bumper and put it back into place. All good now.
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    Res delete?

    Very mixed opinions on res deletes as lots of people moan about drone. I'd probably pay the extra money for a decent anti drone res delete such as BCS.
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    How to tell if 6 or 7 speed DSG from adverts?

    All facelift cars have the 7 speed box (late 2016 onwards). Only the pre-facelift cars have the 6 speed dsg.
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    S3 loose front fog grill

    Yeah that's my head in the reflection and some dirt aha. See what you mean though xD.
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    S3 loose front fog grill

    Idk because the bumper shape looks perfect to my eyes. Also no paint missing it's just dirty lol :wink:
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    S3 loose front fog grill

    Hi guys hoping someone can help. Noticed one of my front grills where the fogs are on the A3s isn't sitting right at the top. Anyone know how to clip it back into place properly? Had a little wiggle on it but didn't wanna break anything lol. Photos attached.
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    25% service plan discount

    Yes I would have thought so
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    25% service plan discount

    6 years!?!
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    25% service plan discount

    I believe the major service is the same as inspection service. So it would be covered.
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    25% service plan discount

    Audi are doing a 25% discount on service plans at the moment. Worth picking up if you've got an S3. I just paid £374.25 for the plan for my S3.
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    Advice on buying an Audi

    If you're concerned about reliability you'd be better with the auto. Had lots of problems with the manual A3 8V and since swapping to an s tronic I've had no problems at all.
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    S3 400 mile club

    Travelled from Leeds to Chertsey and back. Averaged 42.9 mpg down and 46.5 mpg back home. This was with an accident on M1 where I had to take a detour which dropped my mpg from 48 mpg. Filled up this morning and had a range of 455 miles. This is in a pre facelift S3 saloon too! Surprisingly...
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    Creaking steering wheel

    I've had it in with audi a few times and they've replaced the clock spring assembly. It is doesn't creak anymore but still makes a noise. Seems to do it less when I've left the car a day or two but it's no longer super annoying like the it was. Just going to leave it for now and hope it doesn't...
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    S3 Saloon creaking steering

    Anyone know what could be causing this sound? Driving me nuts. Does anyone have an assembly diagram for the steering column? My only guess is clock spring. Videos below:
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    Audi S3 S tronic DSG6 whine noise ?

    Mine makes a whine too. Thought it was normal.
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    New Shape S3

    Do you have a link to the configurator?
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    New Shape S3

    I would be very surprised to see the Golf R with more power than the S3.
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    New Shape S3

    The fake vents and black plastic on the rear looks awful. The rest of the car looks good outside. Disappointing it's only 310 PS when 2017 and 2018 cars were 310 PS and sounded lovely. I'm sure the 0-62 time in reality will be much faster than claimed but the car doesn't seem like a good upgrade...
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    What year is your car? And how many miles mate?
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    Audi S3 service plan 20% off offer

    "I'm afraid 20% discount has finished on the 17th of July as Audi UK decided to end this offer sooner so I wouldn’t be able to honour it."