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  1. C2 DTN

    Broken fuel neck Insert.

    So after struggling to fill the car with fuel for about 6 months I finally find the problem. Inside the fuel filler neck is a plastic tube that guides the fuel pump nozzle. It has snapped off and slid down the neck a bit. This is causing the fuel to splash back on filling and cut the pump off...
  2. C2 DTN

    Where is the charcoal canister located

    Surely That's why the carbon can is so big so it has room till the engine is started and it purges. I'm just going on the fact that when I Google 'audi won't fill with fuel' all the responses point to the carbon can / evap system but I can't even look at it to rule it in or out till I know...
  3. C2 DTN

    Where is the charcoal canister located

    Can someone please look on Etka and tell me where this is.
  4. C2 DTN

    Where is the charcoal canister located

    Doesn't the tank vent straight into the carbon can. That's why I'm assuming it's blocked.
  5. C2 DTN

    Where is the charcoal canister located

    I'm pretty sure mine is blocked as it's really hard to fill up with fuel, just don't know where it's hidden. Any ideas ? Car is a 2009 2.0tfsi
  6. C2 DTN

    Bluefin on 2.0 TFSI Quattro 211ps

    Has anyone done it, what are the results like, and if so is your unit the VAG or VAGH ?
  7. C2 DTN

    first service ££££

    i decided i would change the oil at 9000 as i drive the S3 quite hard, but service is only required every 18k to keep warranty. Bought the shell helix from Opie Oils for £45 for 6 Litres, and spent £13 in audi for new oil filter, o ring and new sump plug. Total Cost £58 and took about 2 hours...
  8. C2 DTN

    New RS3 and TTRS Stolen last night

    the TTRS may have been found,not confirmed yet, and the keys were taken, they broke into the house for them
  9. C2 DTN

    Does it look better with a cut down number plate ?

    funny you say that, i thought the other day it would be funny to put an A3 1.6 TDI badge on it.
  10. C2 DTN

    Can someone tell me some part numbers please?

    I'm going to change the oil on the S3 at the end of the month. Anyone know the part numbers for the oil filter, the oil filter housing o-ring and the o-ring for the sump plug. Also how many litres do they take?
  11. C2 DTN

    S3 is going :-( A3 S-line is coming :-) #GUTTED

    38mpg!!!!! I once got over 40mpg, 50mph cruise control on motorway. Normal is 25 day to day, it's been as low as 16 ;-) Glad you are keeping it mate !!
  12. C2 DTN

    RS3.....worth the premium over the S3?

    S-tronic will happen at some point for me, as more and more cars will be auto only, and you may have a point as I've only used it twice... once in a Q5 courtesy car, and then the RS3. If i had it for an extended period i may grow to love it. One thing i do envy of the s-tronic is launch control.
  13. C2 DTN

    RS3.....worth the premium over the S3?

    I know where your going with this, and as i said the s-tronic is a good system, and will be faster than a manual. but your comment of "left leg flailing manual gearbox" make it pointless discussing it. Theres something about a manual, you either get it, or you don't. i don't care if my manual...
  14. C2 DTN

    RS3.....worth the premium over the S3?

    Okay, so ill offer up my take on this. I hadn't actually planned on driving an RS3 but i was in the dealers having a coffee and i was offered a play in it so it would have been rude not to. First impressions on the look was the front looks ace, the side looks the same and the back.... to be...
  15. C2 DTN

    S3 Winter wheels ???

    Looking at some spare alloys for the winter rubber. Can you get a 17" wheel on an S3 or will it foul the brake caliper?
  16. C2 DTN

    VAG Admit Cheating Diesel Emmissions...

    I dont understand how anyone in the UK can take action. This all boils down to a rigged NOX test, and cars here do not have to conform to any NOX figure, only a Co2 figure. The people in the UK bought the car based on a Co2 figure, which is not the issue, so i dont see why there would be...
  17. C2 DTN

    Should I cancel S3 order? Thoughts please.

    What the hell....... Cant beleive ive just wasted 10 minutes reading this. No way would i not have my S3 besause of this. VAG were naughty, got caught and will pay a fine, and in a couple of months it will all be forgotten. I would walk in there today and order a car with no worries about...
  18. C2 DTN

    HOW TO GUIDE - Fitting Lowering Springs A3/S3 8V

    i used the H&R 28826-2
  19. C2 DTN

    Lowered the S3 on H&R's and fitted wheel spacers

    I suppose it's all personal taste but I always prefer a wider rear track
  20. C2 DTN

    s3 Stage 1 remap another poll

    Toyed with the idea of revo and apr, but went with DTUK due to being removable for service / warranty work.